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  • When finding out there's a CODA group get together, you wait around to meet the bunch a few hours later, & find out they're "co dependent!"
    Is there truth in dare and dare in truth? Does one comfort truth until forced to be true? Manipulation is a form of personal gain to oneself
    Told him not too worry. I have high tolerance for pain. Every time I sit in the chair to get inked, its like therapy for my inner pain.
    The artist was amazed due to most people HAVE to be either high or a little pill tipsy, w/ alcohol, inked. Not me, I HAVE to be sober!
    Being an oral deafie sure has its perks! Getting the artist expression. Priceless. A shocked tattoo artist, "I can't be high getting inked."
    Told the artist. It's gotta be in the middle of the week, when I'm not stoned. He looked at me funny. Some of us stoners are sensitive 2 ink
    Walked in a tattoo shop, discussed tattoo business on myself. Put $20 deposit up front, set up appointment. I was too stoned to get inked!
    I have been unsmokeable since last Saturday morning! I'm constantly having to remind myself, that it ain't worth the money for its troubles!
    In honor of our military men and women whom served, died, and fought for our freedom for those who couldn't. I wasn't there, but I do care.
    As the saying goes, "You live and learn, at least you lived." I should've learned the first time, when I quit, not to quit again my 2nd time
    "Quitting cold turkey". This is my 2nd time. It feels like a fucking withdrawal from hell. Fingers tingling and a lump in my throat! Crazy!
    I began a teenage smoker by 1985, quit 10 years later. By 2010, I began again. Today marks day 3. I've forgotten what it felt like quitting!
    Typical Inked up Rebellious Stoned Deaf Biker Dude, living instead of dying. I gave up worldly belongings, so that I could have my freedom.
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