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    Wanted to say good bye and good luck

    Wanted to say good bye and good luck. Leaving AD. Since I don't come around here very much now. It was nice meeting you all folks on AD. T'care.
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    anyone from Savannah Georgia ? How do u like it ?

    i was just there last week...interesting town
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    My Daughter in Beauty Pageant

    i cant see pixs? why?
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    Different from hearing world..

    oh yeah. I still remember vivid memories being bullied and picked on. even a boy threw a rock that gashed up my eye that bled all over just because I was deaf.... not a pretty picture however at the end. I bloodied his nose that made me feel better atlas my dad was not too happy with me.. oh well.
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    A guy I like...

    I are too young.
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    how old ....

    too young. kittens needs to be spayed or neutred at least by 6 months. you do not need to breed or have them preggys because kittens would end up more kittens... ppl can't take all of them in... which is why you see so many animals in shelters
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    Another game: ABC's of earth.

    sap from trees
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    Health Risk/Problems/Basic Requirements American Eskimo- are active and need a securely fenced yard in which to exercise. they do SHED, however twice weekly brushing will help keep sheeding under control. Protective of family and will bark at strangers, eager to please.... Chihuahua- a...
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    here is a link that gives you a list of Breed Groups This link will help which breed is right for you. ... to keep you informed about common health problems in each breed. ... I think its pretty good...
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    Hahaha. thanks... :ty:
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    No health problems at all so far. He is UTD (up to dates) for vaccinations. On chihuahua forums only i see chihuahuas that have health problems that are neglected by owners that surrendered them over to rescue organization that try to restore their health back. in winter time/rainy seasons...
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    I walk my dog a mile everyday. he is doing just fine.
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    Let's see.... American Eskimo - My Friend had that breed for so long time, her dog had soo much hair, its beautiful dog but to be warned that its skin may be very senstitve, skin problems underneath the hair. Her dog had all those skin problems even she took real good care of her but its...
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    Im curious abt your opinion for dogs.

    You could get a Chihuahua. I have a chihuahua... I am moving into apt this weekend... they do charge dogs by its weight. I am lucky bec my dog is only 4 lbs and only need to pay 15 a month where most are from 50 to 100 a month.... Not much of grooming cuz of short haired... You can bath him...
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    Miss Deaf Texas struck by train, killed

    You are right, I can not make any accusation. You sure do know about trains than I do. It was just an unfortunate freak accident for Tara.