What are you doing right now? Part II

we should be neighbors, lets get a tiny house.... you , me, alleycat... the finlander can cut the grass and grill our meats :D heheheh
I like the idea of neighbors lol I like that plan Finlander can cut our grass and grill for us :D
Yes. Men always BBQ. We can hang around it for hours and hours and be perfectly happy. Just like a campfire. I just stare at the flames. Cool.


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Use Instant Pot. It will save you all that time. ;) I have to cook large meals every three days because my boys eat like a big horse. They eat everything out of my fridge. I need extra freezer!!!
I'll keep that in mind if I ever move out. I've heard of the Insta pot- some of my FB friends have it.

As for the boys-- lol.. my sister has one of those teen boys...he's the tallest in the family and I don't think he's stopped growing yet. Eats like a horse- all that running around in JROTC makes him hungry lol.

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