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    My Experience in Australia

    I went to Sydney over the Christmas break. It was very nice and pleasant. I won't go back but it was nice to get out of the country.
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    PA abortion doctor charged with murder

    Glad you find such events funny. oh well.
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    WWE Royal Rumble on January 31,2011 in Boston, Mass

    I was thinking about ordering it due to The Corre but WWE lack of build up and promotion is really turning me off.
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    PA abortion doctor charged with murder

    I read the article that interviews these women. This is very tragic situations which left many of them sterile.
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    PA abortion doctor charged with murder

    Tragic. The only reason why those women went to him is because they were scared off by the Anti choice protesters at the local Planned Parenthood.
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    [Sale] Deaf Chick Handmade Soap

    No edit button Link above is wrong. This is the correct one:
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    [Sale] Deaf Chick Handmade Soap

    Deaf Chick specializes in bath and beauty products such as lip balm and soap. The fragrance oils and essential oils chosen are top quality. Treat yourself to a wonderful beauty experience. Here are a few examples: Fresh Strawberry $3.50 (Shea Butter Soap) Rich Ripened Fresh...
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    List of major stores in U.S. are closing.

    Wow, LB and Ann Taylor? That really sucks.
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    McCain Picks Palin!!!

    Palin is Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty. Explain that one to me. She would outlaw abortion even in cases of Rape and Incest. I heard a lot of people using "the mother of five" line but hardcore conservatives won't vote for her and McCain after all she's supposed to be at home taking care of...
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    Confederate Flag

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    i711 is better than SIPVRS

    The person on the other ends said so. I called Xerox 800 line and end of getting an Canadian customer service agent; this happen more than once. Same thing with UPS and Fedex. So I just use iprelay instead.
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    i711 is better than SIPVRS

    Does anyone have a problem with using i711 online? I use it a lot at my workplace and every time I call a USA toll free numbers, it goes directly to Canada.
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    Gally Regional Deaf Academic Bowl

    I didn't know Deaf Academic was still taking place. The first DA was completely unfair and was favored MSSD. I was the captain of my team and we got second place. The captains of the other school wanted to talk to the coordinators because they believe it was unfair as well.
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    Marlee Matlin may go Dancing With the Stars

    I like her on the show but this whole "wow deaf people can dance" is turning me off. Umm like DUH yeah they can!
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    Have you cut off contact from your family for some reason?

    Yes my sister because she is so stuck in the past. She always pick fights with my mother and my father and well pretty much everyone in the family. Time to get over those wounds and move on with your life. I will as soon as I live MD, My family are physic vampires! Life is too short to deal...