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    What was the last movie you watched?

    2016 Obama's America. interesting documentary. now going to watch all four Scream movies with my son.
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    What is your favorite singer/band?

    :ugh: this post makes me want to put you on the "ignore list" :P as for me there can not be single favorites. I enjoy many genres of music. listen mostly to southern rock, classic rock and metal the most. Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dickey Betts and Great...
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    Update on Hockeydude77(AKA Chris)

    hope he heals up quick. drunk drivers should get much more time than they do
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    Gun control in schools??

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    Gun control in schools??

    did it involve banjo music while squealing like a pig on a canoe trip ? :shock:
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    Groomsmen gift ideas?

    That is were I got engraved flasks for my groomsmen. also bought them bowie knives...
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    Truck driver fined $25 million!!!

    in some of the cases those height limits were posted years before. if a trucks height is say 12'8" and the bridge has a height limit of 13'. if that road has been repaved multiple times of the years the posted height is not accurate and the truck gets stuck. many times the driver uses bad...
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    Gun control in schools??

    a recent article on the above subject: CU-Boulder: Profs have no right to cancel classes over gun-carrying students found it in my facebook feed from NRA's page...
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    Gun control in schools??

    source. (news site keeps shuffling articles)
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    Where are you from?

    NJ. now residing in NEPA (leaving next year)
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    Truck driver fined $25 million!!!

    stupid! plus, he will never earn enough money during his lifetime to pay the bill...
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    HOH girl with relationship problems

    :shock: wow! you're cute! :shock: not going to have any problem at all replacing the knucklehead :cool2:
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    :shock: that is screwed up and funny in a inappropriate way. :lol: kinda serves him right for not know what was inked on him. :P
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    only have 3. having a family change priorities. home is more important than ink.
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    Which bidding system do you prefer?

    ^ this! ^ and snipe during the last seconds of the auction. so the other bidders do not get enough notice to bid again. I always put my bid in during the last 10 seconds.