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The world has witnessed an unknown enemy until now and the whole world is still afraid of it, and it is the disease that terrified the whole world, which is the covid 19

Sorry, I totally busy something because I get new roommate that she not deaf but she was gamer, I not see your message so sorry, how going anyone
Don't like to vote early but did for the first time today, voted for who?? The best people, of course:razz: at least in my humble opinion of coerce :mrgreen: don't forget vote . . .(I won't say like they do in Chicago) early and often:lol:
Old Analog
Old Analog
hope thoes counting coved ain't counting the vote:ugh:
Hi, I new here, I am deaf and I wear hearing aid and can speak. I am brony and gamer. I enjoy play my Xbox one, soon I will buy Nintendo switch but not know when. Let know me, my name Jacob Zink, I Christian. What my favorite food is sushi California roll. My favorite Xbox one is halo 5 and fortnite, both tie lol ,let be friend, if u have Xbox one then let play on halo 5 and fortnite.
Hi i would like to chat anyone who know how to respect woman, share together with dream will come true.. 36-45 yrs old only..
Hello Margot ,

You sound good in your page and i will be very glad to know much about you and see where it goes and also i can also help you with ASl sign too ...are you single ?
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Hi Rene ,

Thank you for messaging me! That would be great. We could meet on zoom any day soon if you would like. Yes I'm single, but I'm looking to make friends :)