your grandparents been still married for longtimes


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mostly grandparents,great-grandparents been stil married for longtimes in 1940's or 1950's and lots of mores.

I talk my Grandmother on AIM about when my Grandma was young and she got married to my Grandpa in March 23,1957 and its would be 50 years! my grandma told me says if my late Grandfather Bean would alives today and my late Grandfather never see me and my brother,my cousin when all were was born!

and my Great-Grandparents been still married for longtimes and when i was 1 or 2 years old i went to her 50th anniversary party they later both been still married for over 60 years.

how about your family's marriages and tell story


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My grandmother and grandfather were married for about 62 years till my grandfather's death(last april). He was 89 when he died and my grandmother is 81.


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Okay, my maternal grandparents married for long time till my grandfather died in 73. They had been married for more than 60 years. I need to look at their date cuz I forgot exactly what year they got married. I think around 1910's. Then my dad's real parents, his dad died when he was 2 so she never married again but gave my dad up to his cousin which it was my adopted grandparents, they married for more than 60 years. My parents would have been 60 th year anniversary last Jan if my dad was still alive. My parents in law will celebrate 50 years anniversary next year so we will have a big party for them. I guess strong marriages in family influence my husband and I to stay together for more than 25 years now.


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That isn't true. My Grandparent did, but not my other Grandparent.

And Bill Clinton's mom married many times.

And many old celebrities, especially Elizabeth Taylor married many times in the old days.

Many people won't say that they were divorced because
people will pick on them if they get divorced in the old days.
Too strict to get a divorce...

Plus women have to marry right away if they get pregnant.
They will get pick on if they have babies out of wedlock.

And since we didn't have DNA, how do we really know who
the baby's daddy?

So... 40's and 50's and 60's were never the good old days.
There were wars, KKK, hardship, and even Great Depression.


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I have no idea of how long my great grandparents were married, most died when I was not yet born, and the last 2 passed on when I was very young. My grandparents (both sets) celebrated 50 years, and were only parted by death. And my parents just celebrated 25 years, and they are very unlikely to be divorced. The idea of them being divoced gives me a big fright. We think my brother and his girlfriend will marry, when they get around to it. And I'm waiting to meet the right kind of guy, who I hope is not just imaginary, but as soon as I do marry him, only death will part us.


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All of my grandparents divorced before I was born. Divorce is very common in both sides of my family.

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56 years before one grandfather passed away, Jan 2007-

other set

59 years and still going on strong :bowdown: they're my role models, my true 2nd mom and dad that I ask for advice all of the time


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Not sure about my grandparents. My mother and father would have been together for over 26 years. But my dad died when I was 4. I know my grandpa and his wife been married for about 45 years before he died. My mother's real mom died when she was young and he remarried. My dad's side, not sure.


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My grandparents on paternal side were married for many years can't be exact here. They are now deceased, they lived a good life with each other and had 3 kids, 3 grand kids and 2 great-grandkids. Now, my maternal side, my grandmother widowed very young, my grandfather died at age 33 and my grandmother never remarried.


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If my mother still alive, my parent's anniversary would be 52 years last Sept 1st. My Dad still single since 1990. :(

My grandparents married over 60 years. Other grandparents married 35 years, my grandfather passed away when he was 74 years old.
My grandparents married for 59 years. They died in last 7 years.

My other grandparents married for 29 years since Grandmother died at age 51Grandad died at age 56.


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my maternal grandparents were married for 66 years until my grandma died in 2000.

My paternal grandparents were married for 61 years until my grandpa died in 1988.


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My parents and grandparents have been deceased for many years.

My mother's parents were married almost 48 years when my grandfather died. They were the longest married couple in my immediate family.


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My both side of the family that they never divorced for over 200 years. Last year my grandparent from my dad's side that they have been 50th anniversary of their golden Wedding. About 55 years ago, Poppy arrived in Australia from Northern Ireland for work and he meet my grandma through his work mate's friend. Both have been love each other for long time.
My mum's side that my Nanna is married to my Pop that who i never meet him. He passed away from Lung cancer. Nanna is widowed for about 25 years... Early this year my Nanna passed away and now she is with my pop.
My Parent have been married for 26 years and all of my families is love each other since we were born. We have been teach us what is love mean to us. They always there for us doesn't matter what.........
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