you know you're 30 when...


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Whoa I fell right in the middle here. It is okay ... you young women should be a rocking your young bodies all you can cause it ain't going to stay that way and thatsa fact.


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30 Signs You're Almost 30

well, in my case...when im 40...and all that stuff I just noticed now...maybe i age slowly??!

hmmm... yup....

#4 - I get excited when I go to any show that has chairs

#5 - oh dear.... the story I tell to young'uns... "oh I graduated from college over........... I don't remember dear" :lol:

#15 - gotta have a bottle of papaya enzyme with me! :lol:

#20 - everything hurts. I started working out barefoot and everything doesn't hurt anymore :lol:

#23 - these young'uns have to explain to me about these new stuff

#25 - yup.... I started eating fiber oatmeal a while ago....

#26 - I've muttered "I'm too old for this" one too many times

#30 - :lol:


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I had no problem with hitting 30, but 40...that was different. It was like everything started trying to fall apart. Hearing went at 40 and got diagnosed with Celiac Disease, had to have my gall bladder removed when I was 43, just got diagnosed with RA recently, (age 44), when I went to the doctor to see why ever freakin' joint I have was hurting and swelling...not so sure what 45 is going to bring. :hmm::dunno:

Eh, going to go on enjoying life as best I can and as much as I can. That I do know. LOL


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I went to the carnival fair last night with my 40s something friend and I saw....where the hell are my 30s something people go? I saw all bunches of kids, teenagers and early 20s something. Probably at the bars or busy raising rugrats.


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1. Yes. Was told in 7-11 that they now do it if you look under 35!
4. Always been true. Bad back.
5. I am in college again. We did an icebreaker where they passed out pennies and everyone had to tell a story about the year the penny was made. A girl a few seats down had a one from 2005 and said 'Oh, yeah, I was starting sixth grade'. My story (I also had one for 2005) was that I was driving a van delivering computers!
7. This happened yesterday, went for dinner with my friend (unilateral deaf) and they suddenly cranked up the music in the restaurant. After ten minutes of ASL and eating I managed to get the waitress' attention to turn it back down. I go out to eat and enjoy other people's company, not listen to the restaurant's crappy taste in music.
13. Always been true.
20. Also mostly always been true.
22. Always been true.
28. Never liked them in the first place.
30. Their problem.


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Fun post! I just turned 30 in Aug. and felt it when I got excited over buying new tires (all weather woo hoo!) Also, when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her that I just wanted to take a nap in a clean house.