You have to be Deaf to Understand....


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This thread may be posted but I am gonna post it.... This is for hearing people who think that deaf community isn't crucial.... (sorry if I am being bold but I feel freely to share my feeling about my deafness.... this is how I feel about being Deaf)

I feel the deaf community is highly crucial because of language, culture, customs and beliefs. If it weren't for the deaf community, we would be ISOLATED. NO ONE would understand what we are going thru. It is not about hearing is not about cochlear implants. I am not talking about Hearing people who thinks the best for deaf people. I am talking about what we know the best for ourselves. When I first participated in the deaf community, I was able to understand who I was. I was feeling alive when I was around deaf people because they UNDERSTAND ME!!! It was so neat to know that I wasn't ALONE. My parents are hearing, They don't understand why I was not particpating with family activities very much when I was in college. I was hungry for learning about the Deaf community. Then later, I sat down and thought about how I feel about my hearing family, my parents and I had a great talk. They know that I am not in their world and they are not in my world. But it doesnt mean we are going to be apart. As long as we understand each other we are not in the same world. Because our cultures are different... and as long as we respect each other, we have gotten better with our family relationships.

I finally played volleyball with my deaf friends... I played basketball with my deaf friends... it was so much fun because we can communicate. No one left me out. It is just that I am tired of people are saying, if we are involve in a hearing world, it ll help us to be a better person, how is that we can be a better person? If someone could explain me this... how can we be a better person if we involve with hearing community not be part of deaf community? Share your input! ;)

You Have to be deaf to understand the deaf

What is it like to "hear" a hand?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to be a small child,
In a school, in a room void of sound --
With a teacher who talks and talks and talks;
And then when she does come around to you,
She expects you to know what she's said?
You have to be deaf to understand.

Or the teacher thinks that to make you smart,
You must first learn how to talk with your voice;
So mumbo-jumbo with hands on your face
For hours and hours without patience or end,
Until out comes a faint resembling sound?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to be curious,
To thirst for knowledge you can call your own,
With an inner desire that's set on fire --
And you ask a brother, sister, or friend
Who looks in answer and says, "Never Mind"?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What it is like in a corner to stand,
Though there's nothing you've done really wrong,
Other than try to make use of your hands
To a silent peer to communicate
A thought that comes to your mind all at once?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to be shouted at
When one thinks that will help you to hear;
Or misunderstand the words of a friend
Who is trying to make a joke clear,
And you don't get the point because he's failed?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to be laughed in the face
When you try to repeat what is said;
Just to make sure that you've understood,
And you find that the words were misread --
And you want to cry out, "Please help me, friend"?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to have to depend
Upon one who can hear to phone a friend;
Or place a call to a business firm
And be forced to share what's personal, and,
Then find that your message wasn't made clear?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to be deaf and alone
In the company of those who can hear --
And you only guess as you go along,
For no one's there with a helping hand,
As you try to keep up with words and song?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like on the road of life
To meet with a stranger who opens his mouth --
And speaks out a line at a rapid pace;
And you can't understand the look in his face
Because it is new and you're lost in the race?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to comprehend
Some nimble fingers that paint the scene,
And make you smile and feel serene,
With the "spoken word" of the moving hand
That makes you part of the word at large?
You have to be deaf to understand.

What is it like to "hear" a hand?
Yes, you have to be deaf to understand.


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I am one who can hear but I got the most from Chrysantha commentary she gave me such a needed insight into the deaf ''world''
Yes that simple word said so much ''world''' about her own parents but in a different world. I have always had a love for the deaf but after reading this it made me think about something that the deaf dont get from the hearing people, and the only way I can say it is like this.. some one from the hearing world to come up and embrace them and hug them and not let go to not hug and then run away thinking ; ''there I did my part for the deaf'' to connect beyond the prefunctionary requirment you must be in or next to there world cosistantly. I dont know if Im being clear but this is what I felt was needed from her words. the uniting of both of our senses that of touch . now days everybody hugs each other till it means nothing but like a hardy hand shake between two men says something about there character. the embrace or hug between two humans and in this case between one deaf and one hearing it should be firm and sustaing and then slowly let go but then stay a bit connecting with the eyes ! Thats how I feel about the deaf I really love you so much. I want you to know there are a few people in our world that are wanting to connect to your world and who wont cut it short they will stay at yourside deeply interested in your world. and value you. thank you for allowing me to try and express what I feel and I apologise if my words came out wrong or reflected my great ignorance. my name is Cleve Hubbs I live in california I am 73 and want you to know I realy care