You are more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist


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Then don't act stupid to policeman. Keep yourself clam down.. Don't mention that you sleep with his wife.


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mmmmm i even wonder if deafs parents get lawsuit against cop even the cop didnt know he deaf and shot in the back crazy what is going on in the cops mind?? people need to do that before they do something.. i wonder if that is true stories about deafies in real world.. first time i read this post. im not in a good mood now... keep your eyes out and watch ya back where u going..


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Hahaha I am NOT surprised but please understand that you're around cops much more than terrorists so you're more likely to be killed by cops.


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Almost two months ago a friend of my sister died cause a cop shot him in the head. It was a huge controversy cause him and his friend were helping another pair of cops follow some guys that had robbed the Burger King they were in. The back up arrived and thought THEY were the robbers and told them to get on the floor. They did. The cops they were helping told back up not to shoot. He got shot while he was on the floor. Why there was a need to shoot when they were unarmed and on the floor? Besides a cop never must shoot to kill... The cops tried to make up a lame excuse saying he slipped and a shot went out but logic and laws of physics are against him. I didn't get to know him personally but I was really upset about his death. It shouldn't have happened. After that incident four to five others were reported.