YAY! Finally have hearing aids!


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Got a call yesterday from my daughter's audiologist saying that her hearing aids had come in and they had a cancellation for today... SO- we went and picked up her hearing aids today!! I was a bit worried about how she would react when we put them on her since she is three and has been known to not want anyone near her ears lately but she did so good and when the audi turned them on she got real quiet and just looked around.

You could tell she was hearing things and trying to sort it out as soon as they turned them on- she got really quiet. She seems really proud of her hearing aids, she was even trying to show them to the guy who was taking our order at Chik-fil-a on the way home :D. My husband took them off of her for a little bit this afternoon because something happened while I was at work and they started giving real bad feedback (he didn't go with us so didn't know how to work them or fix them and it was a quick hand off before I had to go back to work) and he said she actually asked to have them put back on before I got home (he had to tell her that she had to wait for me, though). She keeps pointing to them and showing them off :) -it's pretty cute! It is hard to tell exactly what she is hearing at the moment with them (the one had to be turned down a bit because the mold didn't fit quite right and we were getting a good bit of feedback and reverb noises but they are making her a new mold that we should have in a week or two) but she has been pointing out little things throughout the day when she hears them. She heard the music in the car on the way home and seemed happy about that :).

Oh, and because I am sure people will be asking :)- she has Phonak Naida S III SP's. The BTE part is light pink and the earmolds are dark blue (thought we had picked a lighter blue but I guess there are some variations in the colors). I think I am going to look into the "EarGear" things because they gave us one clip to help keep from losing them but it is a horrible orange color :laugh2:. Plus, would probably be good to have some back ups. I'm just so happy she finally has her hearing aids and that she actually LIKES them!! :) YAY!


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Your daughter has a whole new world sounds to get use to, it's going to very exciting for the whole family . I could not believe how loud a paper bag was when I got my first HA ,I was almost 8 yo. And I heard the rain fall on my umbrella for the first time. My older sister said she cried when I heard rain for the first time.