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illustrator said:
Too many deaf aren't wise to read fine print. :(
Too many deaf aren't wise to read fine print.
Because their parents are not education their own childern and should say, "if you are not sure what you are doing. Ask us or friends that understand about the contract."

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AquaMaiden -- even tho ive never used Wyndtell i just know Wyndtell SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my partner and a few other friends have used Wyndtell and have told me of their experiences with Wyndtell and how theyre battling wits with Wyndtell and ive noticed that Wyndtell is NOT customer friendly, they have not answered any questions in a very appropriate and/or timely manner and etc etc -- they oughta be put out of business!!!!!!!!

:madfawk: at Wyndtell!!!!!!!


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yah and worse of all, i just found out one of the gals i know in CA is still PAYING for wyndtell im like uhh what the fuck she never got a bill til NOW im like oh shit how much??? she said something to a tune of 300 bucks saying she owes back payments and etc. when she cancelled her acct once she got her sidekick? GAWDDAMN! WT needs to get out of the business, cuz if they can't be customer friendly they deffy can't be running the business! they are just plain dumb considering!


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wyndtell had gave me problems too cuz i never able to get emails when it was ugrent emails either so I got fed up with wyndtell and closed their services last july (my contract expired last june) so.. I didn't have to pay anything but I called wyndtell but they didn't clal me back seems like u guys are right customer service sucks.. :roll: anyways... I'm now happy with sidekick pager cuz I can use any aim sns I like :mrgreen:


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Believe it...they already charged me $800.00 for breaking the contract...all becuz I missed just one freakin payment...*sigh* Which is gonna come first, my cat or my pager? Ofc I know which I chose! But ONE freakin friggin payment???



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I closed wyndtell account 10 years ago (the reason I insuilted some1 on tty that's why I got the person pissed off lol) but they never sent my mom final bill to prove that it was closed so my stupid wyndtell was STILL on for another 1 1/2 years but finally turned off itself by 2004 or 2005.. I was like omg lol ;) I'm happy I don't stay with wyndtel so I transferred to tmobile but now with sprint since 2009 :D


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After they thought they can change contract anytime as they please while disallow customers change the contract, they actually decided to put their dick up in my rear and demand monthly 5 dollars statement fee that was never written in original contract. I asked them NOT to break the contact, otherwise the contract is nullified and voided by them and I have right to close the account if the 5 dollars statement fees is not dropped and wait til next renewal. I even warned them by doing such like this, their business is going into drain hole. They outright refused, case closed, and don't believe me that their business is in brink of bankruptcy. They demand money, after 90 days passed, they realized that I was right and begged me to come back. I told them, sorry you wait too long, I am now T-mobile customer. They got real pissed off and lied to BBB (Better Business Bureau) that our dispute has been resolved, I responded back to BBB, this is one big FAT lie!
2 years later, I got collection from them, okay. I copy all of documents and send back to the collection. Case close permanent, since collection find that Wyndsucks don't have any case against me, because they have broken the original contract. Guess what? They have declared bankruptcy, and guess who owns the Wynd's name and logo? Ready for this??? Its Purple Communications! Go ahead look up! GoAmerica took that name and GoAmerica merged with Purple Communications.