WTF Kitty


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[ame=]YouTube - WTF kitty![/ame]

Kitty is making a nom nom noise and then a sudden noise that gets the kitty's attention that has a literal WTF expression and the kitty actually looks like it's saying "WTF?" at the end!

Cracks me up every time I see this. I can't stop laughing!



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I saw that, too. I thought it was so funny because of his looks, I mean his eyes. Poor kitty!
:ty: for posting this.


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I am laughing now! :lol:

I don't understand people like two comments in youtube.

"ray didnt add teh links so i found this video myself" 136 like it.

"like this if u looked this up because of RWJ =3" 45 like it.

WTF, Who is RAY?! And what is RWJ=3??