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A few weeks ago I went to Dicks to get some shorts, I just started exercising recently and didn't have any. Everything they had there was either super short or spandex so I went up to the golf section and got two really cute skorts. They are still quite short but I feel a bit more covered up. They look like something a tennis pro would wear, the best thing is that they were buy one get one free :)


I go pretty plain... usually a simple tank, and capris/yoga pants or a skort. For yoga, i usually go in flip flops... For running on the treadmill, sneakers obviously. I love lululemon and athleta!


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The way I see it, I'm not trying to pick up on anyone at the gym! Yeah, that will do it... All sweaty, hair frizzing up from laying down and doing weights or crunches... breathing all heavy and on top of that, smudged makeup that looks like I was crying or something... No, no makeup at the gym. It's all about being comfortable while you suffer. =P

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I wear either a cropped tank or T and short or boyshorts when it's warm, a long sleeve T and capris in the winter. I use cross trainer sneaks since they can be used in any workout, and depending on my mood may tie my hair or let it get in my face. I keep it focused, never a social affair to me.


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I run on the road or on trail....

If it's dawn or dusk I'm in something with neon so I'm visible. I have a favorite Pearl Izumi running vest for that :)
Usually capris or a running skirt if it's hot.

I always wear a road ID too. My sister collapsed while running a year back so I made her start to wear it also.

I'm a minimalist/barefoot runner :)
My gym has a shoe rule for all rooms but the track around the basketball courts.... I LOVE running without the fivefingers there.


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Always shirt or tank tops with sweat pants pulled above my calves.



Lately its been shorts, tshirt, tennis shoes (I can't find my favorite ones anymore except on websites that say out of stock!), and boxing gloves lol.