Woman Fired From Dickson Pretzel Shop Because She Is Deaf


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After watching the video, I want to point out something and would love to know everyone's thoughts.

To me, how to the news handled the story was incredibly disempowering to Keri. It was demeaning to her autonomy as a productive, creative, generative, empathic human being. I make this claim for several reasons.

1. The story focused the majority of Kari's airtime on Kami, who is the hearing woman speaking.

2. See how Kari looks around aimlessly while Kami speaks? This is a very clear signal of when a person's ability to be generative and empowered has been taken from them in some way. Deaf children also show the same patterns in the classroom when they have been invalidated, they lose aim and focus and do not pay attention to the interpreter.

3. If Kami *is* an interpreter, she is also Kari's sister.

4. Kami is speaking for Kari, not just interpreting. Imagine this same interview if Kami was white and Kari was black. This is not appropriate.

5. Video clips of Kari show more time of her standing around than actually communicating. This is despite that Kari's experience is the centerpiece of the story.

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There'll always be people who are complete assholes against people with disabilities because they think they are so much better than them.


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