With Sign Language I Am Equal Iwd 2016


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international week of the Deaf is coming up..16-25 september

this years theme is WITH SIGN LANGUAGE I AM EQUAL so i put this together, some ideals WE can all do, for that week, to spread awareness, and become more visible, after all we are the people of the eye. be visible, this is our world too.

"Taking place under the theme ‘With Sign Language, I am Equal’, IWD 2016 is filled with key
milestones. We will celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the WFD, "

go this site their are media tool kits poster tool kits and files......

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tvdrp4rittw623k/AACjcAthvtHtjyiRldqrrv09a/1. IWD TOOLKIT 2016.pdf?dl=0

hoichis recipe for having a good time spreadin the signs...

if you know sign language.

1-for that week, commit to teaching a different person who doesn't know any sign 2 signs each day, so for you that's 14 signs in that week, 2 to 7 different people. how ever you choose, go for it!! the idea is for them to ask you for even more....be creative with the signs, let them want more....

2- ask the person to pass it on,

3-be creative, during IWD, the idea is to be visible, spread the sign, teach those people in a group as an example out for a coffee, a beer, or whatever, make it interesting,

4-try to focus on those around you who do not know sign, either at work or someone you know, pass them a sign that you know they will use, and keep using with you, this will build to them acquiring more signs, remember, for us Sign language is the most useful language, and hearies once they start using it with us know...

4-if you are in a university college town, drop by the ASL classes and inform them of IWD, and its themes...get them involved, it will take more then a village..suggest they sue their club status to further promote Deaf and Sign..on campus

5-if you don't know any ASL (any sign language)poetry, commit to teaching yourself a poem for that week, and pass that poem on to someone else....we have always used our poems as a form of resistance!! to Sign is to resist

6-how much of our history do you know? can you name 7 different important Deafies one for each of those days, why? do you know the Deafie salute?

7-if you don't know our stories and folktales commit to learning more, to pass them on

8-if you know any of our stories, tell someone who doesn't know,, does your co-workers know of eyeth? of one Deaf?

9-i know you want to know more and do more De'via NOW'S THE TIME!!!

-10-watch and show someone who doesn't know much about Deaf and our struggles against assimilation Deaf films., ASL films, BSL ..movies, "the end" is a good one for awareness, show that movie to EVERYONE!! each person you teach a sign too. , or other Deaf Cultural films,
allso in the land of the Deaf...

11-contact your local agbell and other oral fetish organizations , clark, ect to put on an ASL seminar for their students, focused on Deaf pride....don't forget to keep their reply...'-)

12-change your social media avatar or home pic to the logo for IWD and its themes..

Sign will set you free, a genie signed to me. as a mirror now reflect it. to other hands into other eyes, signs our greatest treasure, its light wants to be shared

Be the mirror!! spread the sign, share the light!!


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Interesting and some good ideas here... link was a bit of a pain to follow since I do not have dropbox...


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and from a friend int he struggle..

Partner with your local library and have them set up a booth for the month or week.

Contact radio stations and get an interpreter booked then do an interview. Do the same for local news station. Encourage ur Deaf club to do that.

Make appointments with your local MPPs and elaborate on this. Ask them to bring up a private bill making ASL/LSQ official languages along with French and English in Canada.