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I have never asked for help before & I've just encountered an issue I have no idea how to deal with, which is why I am here.
I am a full time carer for my wife who is bed bound with an un-diagnosed spinal condition,Epilepsy & Fibromyalgia.
Just recently as my hearing has deteriorated I've stopped using the telephone & requested people communicate via Email.
An OT called me regarding wanting to come around & assess my wife for a manual handling aid to help her transfer from bed to wheelchair/ armchair.
Now I do have a problem with accents especially foreign/broken English & I asked her if she had read the notes on top of the file as I had informed them contact was via email only. Now I can only ascertain she hadn't so when I asked her to slow down multiple times,I lost my cool & told her I couldn't understand a word she was saying! Oh Boy, I told her I was deaf to which she responded " That`s not my problem" so I slammed the phone down on her, I got an email & letters saying"I am sorry that you might have issues with professionals who are not English but unfortunately we are only doing what we love and are trained to do . We do not discriminate against any client or relative of any background , colour or accent and we expect to be treated the same."
So I interpret this as to suggest
"Im a Racist!"

Now I call upon the wisdom of this forum because I am deeply offended at that accusation.


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You might want to email or type a letter back explaining as you did here. Seems like they only have one side of the story and there was miscommunication on both sides. You may want to mention if they record their calls to listen to it since you say you stated email only, slow down , and deaf but the person didn't get it.

Going forward, however, it may be time to stop trying voice calls. If you prefer to speak for yourself, look into captioned phones or voice relay where the you see the text but can talk your reply. If you sign, use vrs.


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See the problem I have is that in the last five years we have had five occupational therapists, & I have been assured that my partners record states that all contact be via Email only as I am profoundly deaf & cannot lipread down the phone. I don`t sign either,
The way I see it is that if they can`t be bothered to read their own notes then that`s their problem all of this could have been avoided & she wouldn't have been so terribly wounded by my stating I couldn't understand a word she said to which she`s replied "That`s not my problem"

I've always known that the days of my using telephone were coming to an end so I had already semi prepared for that situation. Yesterday I tried speaking to her but she was insistent on speaking to my partner which because of her pain meds doesn't remember things.
I've never found myself in a situation like this & at a loss as to how to handle this situation.

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Do you have a cell phone? This works with most smartphones and you can have calls forwarded to you InnoCaption number automatically so that all are captioned. I do know that I like it and have been using it for several years (just a user). Rather than try to describe everything here is their site https://www.innocaption.com/

They have anticipated a lot of the possible questions you my have at this page https://www.innocaption.com/general-faqs/

And, of course, you can come back here for help with this or anything else.


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This misunderstanding needs to be placed before the OT's supervisor so that all can learn from the experience. Put your anger aside because it will only make communication more difficult. Everyone in that department needs to understand deaf communication, and in your place I would suggest to the supervisor that s/he arrange an in-service training in which a speech therapist helps the OTs practice clearer communication. It is the supervisor's job to guide that particular OT to overcome her defensiveness about her accent. There are thousands of foreign-born medical people in this country and the work with a lot of elderly people. The elderly are often hearing impaired, as well as more likely to have difficulty with accents. They often did not grow up hearing accents.

The supervisor needs to put this matter in a broader perspective, so that her entire department can better serve the public. It is not really about you.
I'm very sorry your partner has severe medical problems. Yours is a big responsibility.