Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?


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I think he "means well"...and yeah, he's harmless...don't think he'll be back tho'...So few of us ever post here, and agree with Alleycat and Saywhatkid..and that ol' saying? if you don't like the post then skip it over.
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The OP has not been around for a while, then decided to come back and wondered why this forum been quiet. He certainly try to revive the forum by creating a few threads so I'll give him an A for the effort. It doesn't hurt to post/make new threads as anyone is free to do so.


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and Politics...and abortion...and what have you!...LOL

Eh, I've read some arguments over Nyle DiMarco taking off his clothes for FULL FRONTAL. Not exactly a family friendly role model for D/HH community. Cover your eyes! Bad, bad, baaaad for innocent eyes of children! *snorts*

[Phoebe yells "my eyes! my eyes!" Rachel is next to her comforting her]