why do interpreter hate hearing


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sometime i don't trust them and i never have one to help me. i depend on my husband who is hearing. we were steady 3 months, and then 6 months later we got married, it's been 30 yrs and still together. i was with another deaf guy for 2 year then one month before the wedding he broke up with me. all because he's is mormon (he used to be catholic) i am lutheran and i refused to change cuz there some weird stuffs in their beliefs. so i left deaf world and met my husband. my husband know some sign language and we went to market and met the interpreter who trying to get me to join deaf club but not inviting my husband. i felt hurt and refused to go. who she's think she's is, she's hearing person herself.


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Ignore the interpreter. If the interpreter continues to oppress you, complain to the interpreter's supervisor or agency, and ask for a new interpreter.

Believe me, not all interpreters hate hearing. :)


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That's the first time I have heard. A sign language interpreter who is hearing hates a hearing person who is married to a deaf person who uses ASL.

Do interpreters run a deaf club? I don't think so. It's run by deaf people for deaf people, and hearing people who learn/know ASL are welcome.


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I don't understand why ASL interpreter hate hearing. It does not make sense to me. Why did the person chose to become ASL interpreter in the first place? Yes, it is a good idea to go to the Head interpreter and complain about your interpreter and get another new interpreter. Not all ASL interpreters are like that. Some of the interpreters can be rude to Deaf people, too. That is because they may not be certified interpreters. Students need to go to College especially 4 years of study about Deaf Culture and advanced ASL including on how to interpret on signing which are different than straight English.

Choose the kind of interpreter you want to have her or him to interpret for you. Don't rely on your husband for interpreting for you. We are not allowed to do that with hearing family members. I learned the hard way myself. So I don't rely on my son to interpret for me.

EDIT: Also the ASL interpreter was wrong for not inviting your husband to come with you for the Deaf club where everyone sign ASL. If your husband know ASL, then he deserve to go there with you. None of ASL interpreter's business. :)