Why do God create Marijuana?

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This is just from the sites I added above:

Real Interesting for anyone reading it the first time:

* The potential of hemp for paper production is enormous. According to
the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, one acre of hemp can produce 4 times
more paper than one acre of trees! All types of paper products can
be produced from hemp: newsprint, computer paper, stationary,
cardboard, envelopes, toilet paper, even tampons.

* Trees must grow for 20 to 50 years after planting before they can be
harvested for commercial use. Within 4 months after it is planted,
hemp grows 10 to 20 feet tall and it is ready for harvesting! Hemp
can be grown on most farmland throughout the U.S., where forests
require large tracts of land available in few locations. Substituting
hemp for trees would save forests and wildlife habitats and
would eliminate erosion of topsoil due to logging. Reduction of
topsoil erosion would also reduce pollution of lakes/rivers/stream

* Fewer caustic and toxic chemicals are used to make paper from
hemp than are used to make paper from trees--LESS POLLUTION!

* Hemp can also be substituted for cotton to make textiles. Hemp fiber
is 10 times stronger than cotton and can be used to make all types of
clothing. Cotton grows only in warm climates and requires enormous
amounts of water. Hemp requires little water and grows in all 50
states! There are now many stores in the U.S. that sell hemp-derived
products such as clothing, paper, cheese, soap, ice cream, cosmetics,
and hemp oil. Demand for these products--not even in existence in
1992--is growing rapidly.

* Hemp naturally repels weed growth and hemp has few insect enemies.
Few insect enemies and no weed problems means hemp requires

* Cotton requires enormous pesticide use. 50% of all pesticides used
in the U.S. are used on cotton. Substituting hemp for cotton would
drastically reduce pesticide usage!

* Hemp produces twice as much fiber per acre as cotton! An area of
land only 25 miles by 25 miles square (the size of a typical U.S.
county) planted with hemp can produce enough fiber in one year to
make 100 MILLION pair of denim jeans! A wide variety of clothing
made from 100% hemp (pants, denim jeans, jackets, shoes, dresses,
shorts, hats) is now available.

* Building materials that substitute for wood can be made from hemp.
These wood-like building materials are stronger than wood and can
be manufactured cheaper than wood from trees. Using these hemp-
derived building materials would reduce building costs and save
even more trees!

* Hemp seeds are a source of nutritious high-protien oil that can be
used for human and animal consumption. Hemp oil is NOT intoxicating.
Extracting protein from hemp is less expensive than extracting protein
from soybeans. Hemp protein can be processed and flavored in any way
soybean protein can. Hemp oil can also be used to make highly
nutritious tofu, butter, cheese, salad oils, and other foods. Hemp
oil can also be used to produce paint, varnish, ink, lubricating
oils, and plastic susbstitues. Because 50% of the weight of a mature
hemp plant is seeds, hemp could become a significant source for these

* Most hemp-derived products are NONTOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE, and RENEWABLE!

* Unlike virtually all hemp substitutes, growing hemp requires very
little effort and very few resources. Most substitutes for hemp
(sisal, kenaf, sugar cane) grow in limited geographical areas and
none have the paper/fiber potential of hemp. Hemp can be grown in
all 50 states!

* Marijuana has dozens of proven medicinal uses. Marijuana is more
effective, less toxic, and less expensive than alternative synthetic
medicines currently used. A recent poll revealed that over 50% of
U.S. physicians would prescribe marijuana to their patients if it
was legally available. People who suffer from arthritis, AIDS,
rheumatism, leukimia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, glauocoma, and
other ailments can benefit from marijuana as medicine. But because
of our insane marijuana laws, people in need of this medicine are
denied it. Marijuana is classified by the U.S. government as a
dangerous drug with no medicinal value, a classification that is
absolutely ludicrous! Marijuana is widely accepted by the medical
community as having numerous proven medicinal uses--it is NOT
a dangerous drug.

* Hemp for rope, lubricating oil, shoe material, and other materials
was in such short supply during World War II that the U.S. government
temporarily re-legalized hemp so U.S. farmers could grow it for the
war effort. Hemp helped us win World War II! Hemp was a common crop
that was grown legally in the U.S. for commercial use until 1937.

* Hemp was NOT banned because it was a harmful drug. Hemp was banned
because it was a competitive threat to the wood products industry
and newly developed synthetic fibers that were patentable, and
therefore more profitable than hemp. Corporations that profited from
the demise of hemp propagated a smear campaign against hemp by
claiming that marijuana use was a major drug problem (it was not) and
that marijuana use caused people to become extremely violent--another
falsehood. Unfortunately, these false claims went unchallenged and
Congress outlawed hemp in 1937. Unfortunately, millions of Americans
still believe the lies spread about marijuana/hemp.

* On the eve of marijuana prohibition in the U.S., two articles
about hemp appeared in major U.S. magazines. They were:

"The Most Profitable And Desirable Crop That Can Be Grown"
From: Mechanical Engineering, February 26, 1937

"New Billion Dollar Crop" From: Popular Mechanics, February 1938

These articles reveal that hemp was on the verge of becoming a
super crop because of new hemp processing technologies that were
recently developed. Unfortunately, the potential of hemp was never
reaped because of marijuana prohibition.

* Hemp is legally grown for commercial use throughout much of Europe,
India, China, Russia, Ukraine. In 1994 the Canadian government
approved one experimental hemp field--its first legal hemp crop in
40 years. In 1995, there will be 11 government-approved hemp fields
in Canada! If the U.S. does not legalize hemp for commercial use,
a significant economic and environmental opportunity will be lost;
the benefits will be reaped only by our economic competitors.

* U.S. Presidents and founding fathers George Washington and Thomas
Jefferson grew hemp, used hemp products, and were hemp advocates.
Today's political leaders--as well as the public that favors
marijuana prohibition--would treat George Washington and Thomas
Jefferson with disdain, brand them criminals, and throw them in

Some products that can be manufactured from hemp/marijuana are...

* animal bedding * dynamite * paneling
* auto/boat covers * erosion control * pants
* backpacks * fabrics * parachutes
* bags (paper and canvas) * fire hoses * particle board
* balms * fiberboard * pasta
* bandages * fishnets * pet foods
* baseball caps * flags * pharmaceuticals
* baskets * floor mats * pillows
* bed linens * flooring * plaster
* belts * flour * plywood
* bioplastics * fuels * polymers
* birdseed * furniture * protein
* books * futons * purses
* boots * gloves * quilts
* bread * glues * roofing materials
* butter * hammocks * rope
* candlewick * harnesses * sails
* candy * hats * salad oils
* canvas * ice cream * salves
* cardboard * inks * sandals
* carpeting * industrial coatings * scarves
* caulking * industrial oils * shampoos
* cellophane * insulation * shirts
* cement * jackets * shoes
* chairs * jeans * skirts
* cheese * linen * slippers
* cloth/paper napkins * livestock feed * soaps
* cloth/paper towels * lubricants * socks
* coffee filters * luggage * sofas
* compost * magazines * stationary
* cosmetics * medicines * tablecloths
* curtains * moisturizers * tables
* cushions * mulches * tea
* denim * natural pesticides * tents
* desks * nets * thread
* detergents * newsprint * tissue paper
* diapers * note pads * toilet paper
* dolls * oil-spill absorbants * twine
* draperies * packaging * varnishes
* duffel bags * paints * wallets
* wallpaper


"Make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere."

--George Washington, first president of the U.S. and hemp advocate.

Hemp is another word for the plant Cannabis sativa L. Marijuana comes from this same plant genus -- and so do broccoli and cauliflower. But the strains of hemp used in industrial and consumer products contain only a negligible level of the intoxicating substance delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Thus, industrial grade hemp is not marijuana.

Hemp is the most useful and beneficial plant in nature.

Hemp seed oil is perfectly suited for hair and skin care. Its nutritional value, combined with its moisturizing and replenishing EFA's, make it one of the best vegetable body care foundations.

Hemp as fuel
Hemp seeds have provided a combustible fuel oil throughout human history. More importantly, though, the same high cellulose level that makes hemp ideal for paper also makes it perfect for ethanol fuel production. Ethanol is the cleanest-burning liquid bio-alternative to gasoline. In one test, an unleaded gasoline automobile engine produced a thick, black carbon residue in its exhaust, while the tailpipe of a modified ethanol engine tested for the same 3,500 miles remained pristine and residue-free.

Henry Ford himself manufactured the body of an automobile from hemp-based plastic in 1941. The plastic was much lighter than steel and could withstand ten times the impact without denting. The car was even fueled by clean-burning hemp-based ethanol fuel.

Concrete from hemp
Madame France Perrier builds about 300 houses per year out of hemp in France. Years ago she researched ways to petrify vegetable matter. During her studies, she found evidence in ancient Egyptian archaeological sites of hemp-based concrete. When she discovered the ingredients of the mix, she duplicated the method. She mixes hemp hurds (the inner fiber) with limestone and water, which causes the hemp to harden into a substance stronger than cement and only one sixth the weight. Madame Perrier' isochanvre is also more flexible than concrete, giving it a major advantage over conventional building materials, especially in areas throughout the world that are prone to earthquakes.

DuPont also developed nylon fiber as a direct competitor to hemp in the textile and cordage industries. Nylon was even billed as synthetic hemp.

Mellon Bank, owned by U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, was also DuPont's primary financier. Mellon's niece was married to Harry Anslinger, deputy commissioner of the federal government's alcohol prohibition campaign. After the repeal of Prohibition, Anslinger and his entire federal bureau were out of a job. But Treasurer Mellon didn't let that happen. Andrew Mellon single-handedly created a new government bureaucracy, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, to keep his family and friends employed. And then he unapologetically appointed his own niece's husband, Harry Anslinger, as head of the new multimillion dollar bureaucracy.

At the same time, a machine was developed that was to hemp what the cotton gin was to cotton: it allowed hemp's long, tough fiber to be mass processed efficiently and economically for the first time. Popular Mechanics, in February 1937, predicted hemp would be the world's first "Billion Dollar Crop" that would support thousands of jobs and provide a vast array of consumer products from dynamite to plastics.

The Political Involvement with Hemp, and Drugs:

NEXUS: The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire
The Bush family's involvement in drug-running is an open secret, but Dick Cheney's direct link to a global drug pipeline through a US construction company ...

Government insiders and former drug traffickers reveal ...
Involvement of the Texas National Guard in drug smuggling with the Gulf Cartel, ... when she reported the involvement of George Bush, Sr, in drugs. ...



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God created everything for a purpose. Marijuana is excellent medicine for those who cannot eat, those in chronic pain, etc. Marijuana is an excellent source of fiber, as we see in hemp. Hemp has been used for thousands of years, from everything from paper to rope and food, cosmetics...

So obviously, God made everything good. And marijuana has a purpose. It's the same deal with Opium--it's an excellent natural medicine if used properly. So when we look at it in this way, why believe the mindless dribble that the government tells you?

LSD was accidentally synthesized by alfred hoffman I believe, who was an independant chemist. Both LSD and Ecstasy have both been used in psychoanalytical studies. I think Ecstasy was actually made illegal due to the raves of the 1980's.


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There is a medication called Marinol that is made from marijuana and is for people sick with cancer and ... ummm I forgot - MS??
or something else.



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People create marijuana ? I don't think so. People can't create marijuana seeds to make it a plant. Only God can since He was the one who created this earth with everythin' to take care of people for their livin' and health. :)


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Do you still want to claim that God use seeds to create drug addiction, etc...?

All what I know is God create plants, flowers, seed etc for medicinal purposes, not drug addiction, etc but...

Simple question:

1. who use hemp to create clothes, papers, etc.?
2. who use plant to create tabacco?
3. who use flowers and herbals to create teas, comestic, etc.?
4. who use herbs to create kind of drugs addiction?
5. who use herbs and plants to create tablets, medicinals?

OF COURSE people, not God. I can´t see the sense why the people blames God for create marijuana, tabacco, etc as addiction. It´s people who create plants/flowers as herbal teas, drug addcition, etc, not God.

history marijuana addiction


History of Marijuana


Marijuana Information

Exactly like what Momoftwo said.


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Very interesting about who created marijuana! Look like it is mankind who created these plants, original from China to spread in the world. I guess God created plants in China and Mankind made new spiece.

Do you know who created Doberman? I am sure it is not from GOD, that's mankind to creation new breed Doberman from 7 breed dogs. A man named Doberman because his last name Dobermann (2 n) from Germany.


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Remember, God created everything, but man abuse it. There are things we can use and thing we can't use. Like poison ivy, can we use poison ivy? Of course not. There are things for the ingredient for med people make, but all the ingredient made by God and people making them. Like the question, if u use marijuana, what for? Are u sick? Or u want to have fun to get high? Like cold medicine that has meth in it, why u use it? U have a cold or u want to get high and destroying urself? God gave us our mind to know how to use it and what those for. But many abusing themselves by doing those stuff to destroy themselves. We have choices either wisely or foolishness. If I don't want to get "high" on marijuana, then I don't. God doesn't force them not to, so do we, we either do what He says or refuse.. Smile.


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Even things that are synthetic and 'created by man' are mad of ingredients that are of the earth. We don't just create things out of nothing, but mix or locate materials to make those things so one could say that things like LSD and X are made by God. Alcohol comes from the fermentation of fruits, vegetables or grains. These are everyday things we find.

I'm not advocating marijuana in any way, but I believe alcoholism is a larger beast that needs to be tamed. A majority of the violent calls for service I go to (from fights to domestics) involve alcohol. I'm not against people tipping the bottle back on occasion but alcoholism is a major issue when it comes to quality of life. I'd rather deal with a bunch of stoners than drunks any day ;)


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Yes, alcholism caused all kinds of problem and even thinking whatever they face hardships like marital problem, job losses or wrongfully accuses or anything, they run to alcohol thinking that will fulfill them, which is n9ot so. Drugs does it also. Like cartel or drug lords, hiring and buying, tho seeing they kill each other, war on each other. Drug crimes is also very dangerous thing. Even like switch money to drugs, they kill them. They are evil and dangerous. No point to get involve. Well, may say need the money. The proof is money is root of all evil. Nothing wrong with money itself, but how people handle it. Drug money is evil. Either money have them or they have money. If drugs, money have them, they don't have money but money have them.


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Rose Immortal said:
Had it been used in Native American ritual prior to that? Or have I got a wrong idea about what a "peace pipe" is? (Or were those ever really used?)

Marijuana. Possibly salvia divinorum (which is actually legal in most parts of the world, including the US).


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Grapes is a product, hops is a product. Marijuana is a product. God made them, grapes for wine, hops for beer and marijuana what highly what people uses get high. Based on what people using for. I'm not against those things, only problem is people misusing and mishandling them


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Rose Immortal said:
Had it been used in Native American ritual prior to that? Or have I got a wrong idea about what a "peace pipe" is? (Or were those ever really used?)

ismi said:
Marijuana. Possibly salvia divinorum (which is actually legal in most parts of the world, including the US).

Who told you that marijuana was spoked in a peace pipe? I would do some reading if I were you. For more information, you can start --HERE--
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