Who's Looking Forward To Football?!


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Stopped watching or following football years ago when it became obvious that the owners didn't care about the fans and the officiating got worse and worse; several officiating crews seemed to like the look of their flags flying in the air because they were throwing them on every down and then some of them didn't seem to know the rules of the game. Now hockey season is another story!


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I'm too young for the 1985 bears, but I have seen the videos and read the books. The legacy lives on, even to future generations!


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Our first game of the season against NO Saints walked out a win! Good game and keep it men! We need plays like this for reg season.
Go Patriots!


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They did manage to sack Paxton Lynch almost half as many times as he passed.
I was flipping between the Cubs and Bears games. Mostly, Cubs. So, I did miss most of the Bears game. Cubs did manage to win their 11th in a row, in the 11th inning, on the 11th day of August..plus my bday falls on the 11th of Jan. Lol! Sorry, for going off topic!


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True, but they better not put Gronk to doing a double backflip ninja type move to catch the ball during a preseason game :P