Who's going to ASL Expo?


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ASL Expo is in Birmingham, AL on Oct 18..

I am going there cuz of it my first time selling on booth there.. wish me lucky!

who is going there? so we can meet there..


Brady lady
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What happened to Ponoma? I was going there on Oct 4th.... now it's changed.

There's ASL expo in Ontario, CA? Is that what you mean? Deafnation finished in April I, believe. Deafnation is coming on Oct. 25th for Northern California in Pleasanton.


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I am not going this time. TweetyBird, I wish you the best with your booth at the ASL Expo. :)

Too bad, the ASL Expo was moved to Birmingham (AL) from Atlanta. I think the location of Birmingham makes it more easier for people from surrounding states to attend and avoid the nightmare traffic jams in and around Atlanta.


Prayers for my dad.
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I can't go, I'll be in Turkey during that time. I'm sure you'll be making a lot of profit from selling your crafts. ;)