Who is single here?



i am single for 2 years now and i need a man.


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I want meet to woman deaf something.Need fun date woman.You come fun date bed me?I love good woman.Doesn't matter.You decide me.I give email address or yahoo id you.Pray help to us.God blessing to deaf my life.


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I'm SINGLE straight dude...its not too bad being single tho no deaf chicks in my area so looks like its going be like that for like forever...i've dated 2 girls so far but had bad luck with them lol i'm only 24 so i guess i have plently time of being single haha

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I've been single for awhile and I'm not in a hurry...I am at RIT (right now in the south for my summer break) aiming for my art major and having fun with friends and all.