Who is single here?


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I am been single for about 8months and always dating wrong men who looked for sex more than just me or never take me out for real fun. So, i enjoy single for a little while so i can focus on my indepence but dont have real friends which make me need a man. Aw man...I need a friendship.

You should go out and make friends with other girls, sweet!!!
Don't let men walk over you. Don't have sex until you feel comfortable and establish some trust with the guy and facts about him. Make the best out of your time, don't let jerks drag you down.


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My criterias are realistic as they come

one with a job- and is happy with what he does
one with a stable income and is happy with what his class is
one with goals just like me, which is really general ;)
one with family goals just like mine
a guy that is kind and compassionate
someone who is DEAF just like me, who knows truly what it is like to walk a mile in my shoes

I am not really picky with the physical characterstics of the guy when it comes to apperances so therefore my goals ARE realstic tho I know some people who has so UNREALSTIC physical requirements

You want kind happy deaf guy with a job and goals? Are their ANY guys like that?


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I been single for 9 years, I am happy single man. I like to hang out with girls, different one everyday. I know one love will come up to me someday.


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I'm single. My dad suggested that I wait until after I finish college to get serious with women but that doesn't mean I still can't get to know you ;)