Who is single here?


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yeah, after posted this new one, i looked back and realized that i had posted before it as June, well to be honest it was either May or June, and either way it has been almost 9.5 years....so month doesn't really matter does it...lol....either way it stinks
True. And being single does suck. Eventually we will find someone not perfect, but perfect for us.


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I hadnt even dated in galaudet. But there were few people to have some good time with in Galaudet. Outside of Galaudet, I hadnt dated since I hdnt met another signer, since.

Been single for about 12 years. Yaymnit.

Marco the Bachelor

Still looking for that Godly woman (Deaf, HOH, CODA, Interpreter, Hearing, no matter what).


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I laugh at lowered standards... if my mine were any lower I would go out with me. Wait a minute I tried that already it was a bad date. We went to the hardware store. We bought some screw eyes.