Who is single here?


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separated going on 5 years, so basically single. Just 2 different people so time to move on. It gets lonely at times. Eventually someone will come along.


Am divorced and has no children. However, I am seeking for the right woman for marriage and to have kids. I am Deaf and the bride has any kind of hearing: Deaf, HOH, CODA, or Hearing who has high skills in ASL (ie-Interpreter). Been too long!


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Separated for exactly a year this month. Loving every moment, cringing at every reminder.
So if you're single- make sure (when you're completely ready) you commit yourself to someone you know only wants to see you flourish in life
& who will keep you in happy places. Even when they may not be. Make sure you want the same for them. That
way, everyone wins. FYI there will be times of despair and disagreements (That's life), but love is an understanding thing, so make sure there's a lot of that, every day in every way. :kiss:

WOW it's been long time not visit this group and forgotten all about this LOL anyway I am single too long and I had to forget those two other ladies tired of waiting too much bullshit pardon my language I am sure few of you know me since i am an ASS LOL do you me a favor HUSH OK LOL anyway some of you interesting wanna to know more about me feel free inbox me and I live in South Florida alright and hope you all have a great day :) :ily: