Who is single here?


bloody phreak from hell
That is so sad to seeing younger ladies like that. :(

During the past few years, I've met women more than once at parties... and they don't remember me. ;)

I met one girl at a bar, nice gal. Only she had too much to drink. A few days later, I saw her at school. She didn't remember me. Again, I met her at a party... drunk again. Met her in person, still didn't remember me. Finally, I met her in person when she was sober on campus and introduced myself. She now remembers me. However, she still drinks and smokes too much to a point where she doesn't remember me well when she's drunk and stoned.

There's another gal who gets drunk and stoned 3 to 4 times a week. She got pregnant at least 3 times, and forced a miscarriage on all of them. She didn't want to face an abortion. So, she went out and got drunk/stoned some more.