White House briefing


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At President Biden's inauguration, I saw a black lady signing the pledge of allegiance in ASL. Wow! Her name is Andrea Hall. First time I saw someone signing to the public at an inauguration. We need more of that. The public needs more exposure to ASL and Deaf culture.

Then President Biden had his first briefing later in the evening. There was no interpreter? I think President Biden supports ADA. He should provide interpreter for his briefings. NAD needs to remind him.

Trump was sued by NAD for not providing interpreter for his WH briefings. Never saw an interpreter afterward.... what happened? Didn't NAD follow up? Nah, Trump never supports ADA anyway. He's concerned about himself and his own ego.


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Ignoring for the moment thoughts about Trump specifically, I never felt without communications via either a Interperter or a translater on You tube or whatever video service is hosting live something that is going on.

The only time we had trouble was with the Weather Channel failing to show enough camera on the Interpreter during a tornado event locally. I contacted the executive in charge of that channel and told him they needed to fix the interpreting camera space. And he did.

I am not a interperter its not my favorite work. However Federal Law provides for Interperters in whatever languages with doing business with State or Federal Government in some way to yourself. The failure of a network or possibly a live source to provide a interperter on speeches or events that interest you specifically is out of your control. What you can do is complain to the revelent providers in writing. And advocate.