Which AD'er are you wondering about?


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Are you thinking about a AD member who hasn't shown up in awhile, disappeared, or how they are doing? Someone's in the hospital or sick?

That's what this thread is about.

I'm thinking about Interpretrator. She/he welcomed me to alldeaf and I said a hello back but haven't heard from them for a long time. Also Liebling, she's disappeared around here too. There are more names too. :(


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Wirelessly posted (droid)

Yea, me too. Think that he's drunk and lost some place? LOL


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that is sad on slow on pretty not enough! I remember Hear Again, best friends I never heard it long time I don't know few rarely don't interesting I aware it


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C.C.Sinned...SayWhatKid....many more...some just a few posts then "poof", gone with the wind....believe SWK does come in time to time to make a comment here and there, tho'.


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I wonder about Naisho.

OH! there you are.

I do wonder about Liebling and dreama.

And I admit it...

Matajan, too. (More so in real life.. what the heck happened to that boy?)