Where is everyone from?

Mrs. Crasher

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Welcome To AllDeaf..... :) Happy Posting!!!
Thresher and I are from West Virginia!


Audist are not welcome
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Wow at this old thread. See many old members who are no longer around.

I am from Phx, AZ currently living in Maryland.


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Happy Alaskan here made it a whole 350 miles north from where I was born with lots and lots of sidetrips have strong also happy ties to Southwest Washington where the woods smell so good and the huckleberries grow.


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Belinda Dill, will you stop posting your introduction or say hi in the old threads? I don't think the OP is not introducing as it was a long time ago. So please, don't play with us like that. Thank-you. :roll:


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Originally from New Zealand, now live in Australia.