What was the last movie you watched?

I watched Interstellar a few days ago. It's a bit long at 2:49 and drags a bit in some spots but overall I give it 2 thumbs up. I'd watch it again.


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Watched this again... very good movie based on true story.


This looks like a really good movie, I would watch it but it hits too close to home.


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Yes, it is comforting for the military family when one solider falls and a senior officer volunteers to escort the body home. Really touching movie.

This looks like a really good movie, I would watch it but it hits too close to home.
I saw it too yesterday and it was pretty good but not perfect. The last half hour was a little bit nonsensical and felt like the writers were stoned.

Agreed! It was a bit confusing at the end, but their explanation was good enough for me. I try to keep an open mind with some stories creativity.


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they making film called the 'Enfield Haunting'when it comes out try see it...this place was very near where I used to live I know the house and very scary chilling place and it all true


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Just watched all four seasons, again, of The Killing, with my mother who has never seen it. I think it's a Netflix original series. Tried watch an Italian film but it was so boring, I can't even remember the title.



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Must be nostalgia time, you're going way back. Good movies though, this one and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I probably wouldn't think so now, as I saw these many years ago.

Still wicked films.....
Love em.....
Fast times was some funny ****.....goonnies. Badass...hahah