What was the last movie you watched?

Expendables 3.

As each actor goes, they're all individually great. Put them all together and it's just a bit crap.
But good to see Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas back on the screen again!

It's sad, but I think Sly Stallone is incapable of making a good film these days - when you look back at First Blood and Rocky, and even later films like Demolition Man, it's not like he's not even trying now :(


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I'm finally watching the movie Avatar......pretty cool, think my husband would really like it. I guess that means I will be watching it again. During the commercials they show how they made the movie, amazing....but that part there is no CC.
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Boxtrolls. I watched that, in fact I went out and bought it on DVD. I really liked it! I mean, it's sometimes grotesque, it's a little bit steampumk, and if you've got an allergy to cheese you'd better not watch it :)
But, as my wife says "The naked Boxtrolls have got cute little bums!" so if that isn't an indication of an Oscar nod then I don't know what is :)

It's a Luc Besson film which means it'll be trashy, violent and entertaining. It's got Guy Pearce doing his best Bruce Willis impersonation ( which is actually better than Bruce himself! ) and it's got a tremendous witty script. Apart from that, it's your average sci-fi/action no-brainer. But just look for it on netflix or dvd or similar, there are worse ways of spending a couple of hours :)