What was the last movie you watched?


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The Human Centipede...

grossed me out good, I couldn't get the imagery from the film out of my head last night in bed, not nightmares but that icky gross visual is hard to ignore...must say very effective horror film, and its a new kind of evil, if you like horrors see this one for a change...


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'Cactus Flower ' , I first saw this with a b/f and we brought a friend with us .My friend and b/f are both dead now , I like to watch this movie b/c it remind of the both of them.
It was on TV .


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Expendables 3, funny, action but so predictable...kind of like a signal 'thats the end of the hollywood bigs' and new talents rolls in......it really feels like it
so much pastiche and parody, its full of them!!
Ginger Snaps - :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: It's my favorite werewolf movie.

Hick - not bad.

13 Sins - it's a remake of this awesome Thai movie, 13: Game of Death. It's not as great as the original but still it's pretty good except the remake has a better ending.

The Tall Man - :yesway:

Great picks. The dude who directed The Tall Man did Martyrs also.
Captain America 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It

Finally got the Interwebz so Ive been downloading a slew of new movies and finally catching up on some TV shows.
Premature (2014)

This rules. It's described as American Pie meets Groundhog Day and honestly that's the most accurate description I could also give. Stars John Karna (Apparently he'll be in the upcoming Scream series), Katie Findlay (Canadian actress who is super attractive. Known for appearing in tons of TV shows) and Craig Roberts (Welsh actor who has been on a role lately appearing in numerous films in the last few of years).

Brick Mansions (2014)

While it's not a carbon copy of (District) B13 it comes damn close. Some of the action sequences has been slightly modified and by that I mean watered down but again, there's nothing really new here besides bringing Paul and RZA on board and oh.. it's English language. The only scene that really differs significantly would be the ending. Regardless of what I just typed, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Fun way to start a Sunday morning.

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Just watched Dead Silence from 2007 about 20 times in the last week or so....other than that Southie.

Awesome movie! Did you notice Jigsaw from Saw series in the scene where all the dolls are in display cases? The reason Jigsaw is there is because the director of Dead Silence also directed Saw.

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My Cousin Vinny - very hilarious!

Jack - besides Birdcage, this is my favorite Robin Williams movie. I cried a couple times watching this, especially the speech at the end. I don't wanna grow old. I don't wanna be old!