What was the last movie you watched?


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I loved Crank but agree, Crank 2 is one of the worst films ever made. I cringed when I read Crank 3 is soon to be released.

My love for Jason Statham still remains strong though

Thanks for agreeing with me, MsGubbiGubbi. It is just awful, but my husband thinks it is hiliarious. You probably read a fanfiction article that Crank 3 was soon to be released, but that is not true. Crank fans practically BEG it to happen. The director actually won't direct Crank 3 for reasons like it bombed at the box office. There are a few fanfiction Crank 3 trailers out there that they hope it will convince the director to change his mind again to direct Crank 3. Yes, Jason Statham is hoooooooooot.
Girl Interrupted

It’s a pretty old movie but I guess I liked it enough to watch for the hundredth time. It’s a roller coaster of emotion though, in my opinion. Parts of it make me laugh..cry..sad and even mad.


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Last movie I watched was Cast Away. It's not as good as I remember as a child. But it still is a good film to say it is mainly just Tom hanks for the whole movie.


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Star Trek 4.

Scott: "Let there be Whales" The film is easier when you understand what it took to produce it. For example Chekov did a off script act with a lawman asking for directions to Navy Base at Alameda for "Nuklear WESSELS" in a heavy Russian Accent. The Lawman was not formally part of the movie and took the situation in his way.

It could have been difficult because it was pretty much the cold war era. Most young ones alive today do not have the memory of living large 30 minutes from heaven or hell delivered by missile Gauranteed. (A play on a old Dominos Pizza Commercial)

The Enterprise's CIC detecting a radiation leakage in a space full of such is a bit of a reach (Probably got in the habit from all that starship stuff.) Never mind the search radar lit up and energized in dockside. It would have nuked half the City's Television Sets. (But its a MOVIE....)

I found the movie a good reminder of what life was long before computers and cell phones. Which leads me to the 386 computer scene with the first version of graphical user interface combined with a ball mouse bigger than your bible at the Aluminum Plant. Pretty painful.

For a multimillion dollar movie production they could have at least fixed the failing power steering pump on that darn old Pickup truck.


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If you have not seen it try the Children of a Lesser God. Created back in the 80's Its considered one of the cornerstones of the deaf world presented to the hearing in general it went over very well. Although very controversial when it was made for a variety of reasons.