What to use for writing with hearing people?


Hi, I'm wondering what your favorite products are to write with hearing people. I'm hard of hearing, but I often get stuck on a word that I just can't understand no matter how many times I ask the hearing person to repeat it. Eventually I have to ask them to spell it. It's gotten even worse lately since I live in a collective, and we host many international guests (all hearing so far). I can't learn by hearing, I can't grasp what letters they are pronouncing. So more and more I feel that a better way to communicate with hearing people is to write. Although I have an iphone I feel it would be too cumbersome to deal with apps.

I am considering walking around with a small whiteboard looped around my neck so that it is immediately accessible to write and draw and have fun communicating with hearing people instead of it being a chore all the time.

Was wondering what products some of you use and love, be it paper notebooks or something fancier like a pen tablet or pager/ smart phone whatever. I like the idea of of etch a sketch/kindle sort of affair where it doesn't require hardly any battery, just enough to render writing/drawing and clear the slate when done.

I got really excited about a supposed prototype with a 1 bit drawing tablet, but it seems to have just been hype and never produced.

Can't wait to see some of your responses.

Jane B.

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I also keep a pad and pen in my purse. But sometimes when out to lunch with a group someone else will have a pen handy and just turn over the paper placemat that is on the table and write on it.