What things should you not say to a deaf person?


I watched a few deaf videos and some answer questions that were asked.
You can google "10 things you shouldn't say to a deaf person".
What do people say to you?


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My favourite that I was asked was "why do you wear a hearing aid?" my answer, to keep my ear warm. :rofl:

10 things you shouldn't say to a deaf person.

1: Hey come & listen to this!.
2: Can you please turn the closed captions off?.
3: If you didn't hear what I said, then forget it!.
4: Sorry, we don't employ people with your type of disability. ( had a personal experience with that)
5: I'm sorry to hear you're deaf.
6: Hey did you know, that guy/girl wears hearings aid?.
7: What's it feel like wearing a hearing aid?. ( been asked that a few times)
8: You're voice is quite good for a deaf person.
9: Are you sure you really need them hearing aids?.
10: Is there anyone else I could speak to?. ( been asked that just based on the fact he saw I was wearing a hearing aid )

Jane B.

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I am completely deaf in one ear and have a very profound loss in the other one. I find that of Mart's list so many of them depend on the context in which they are said. I have even used some of them myself!


"My favourite that I was asked was "why do you wear a hearing aid?" my answer, to keep my ear warm."

fantastic. I saw some deaf videos on stuff people ask. I wonder what would some shocking things people say or something that would go viral.

1 – Oh, I’m sorry. (And then walking away.)
2 – How do you drive?
3 – Can you read?
4 – Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I think I have hearing loss, too – I have a hard time understanding people sometimes. You know, like at concerts and moster truck rallies.
5 – Oh, but you can lipread, right? Neat. Can you tell what the guy across the room is saying?
6 – Oh, I’m so sorry. Losing my hearing would be the worst thing in the world.
7 – But, you have hearing aids.
8 – Oh, are you going to get that implant thing to fix your hearing?
9 – But you don’t sound deaf.
10 – Wow, your speech is really good!
---------found at https://becomingdeaf.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/10-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-deaf-person/

I'm up early can't sleep. Did Phonak give away my hearings aids again? This time it's been in service for 3 weeks now. Did they lose it again?


I think in that video, he just talked to the DA about it. Confirm that cause I didn't watch all of it. Maybe the DA told him to do what he is told.
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