What technology do you wish existed but doesn't yet?


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I recently received a message about someone who is working on this (at least the portable real-time captioning device). It looks really interesting, but I wonder how it will hold up in real use.
Oh yeah? What company?


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A device to change the outcome of football games. I would make a zillion bucks in Vegas.

Ulterior motive: illuseittodeflatefootballsatinopportunetimes :P


I would like to see a smartwatch with Video Conferencing ….. My smartwatch (Gear S) can play videos, record voice, browse the Internet, make and receive Phone Calls, Text, E-mail, Notifications … read PDF-TXT-DOC files, play games … Image Gallery … Play Music files … Calculator … read the Bible … stop watch, timer, alarm, time/date, calendar, make and read Notes, Weather, News, GPS for Maps, Compass … Unit Converter … Instagram … Twitter … Facebook … Dictionary … speedometer for walking, cycling, driving, measure distance (Bike app, S Health for measure number of steps) …