What Tech Hacks Are You Using?


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I'm curious what tech hacks people use. I.e. I often try to "hack" uncaptioned videos by using Ava to translate what they say. It works 50% of the time, depending on the audio quality and speaker.


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Hmm following...

I'll have to think on this. There's a few 'non-tech' "hacks" I came up with while I was away but...

Oh... Use the camera on laptop to shave/trim beard. Ordinarily I shave in shower (didn't take my shower mirror); but trimming beard with electric razor...the way the bathroom was set up, the mirror is NOT over the sink and at an odd height. So...wound up using the camera on my laptop to trim up the beard (or shave it all off). Just remember to lay a towel over the keyboard...LOL.