What SHOULD you be doing right now?


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As opposed to the "What are you doing?" thread.

I should be mentally preparing for a job interview on Wednesday.


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I should be rolling the fatties, cleaning the bong, rigging the volcano with new screens and bags, for the party...but everytime i rolled one, i smoked it....mmmmmm....the hash hookah is ready
Soon im off...


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I am supposed to pack and clean up my apartment. I am going away for few days. I am too lazy to do anything.


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I should be working but it's quiet at the office, so reading and reading about my up-coming overseas trip :)


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I should've....could've....but didn't do a darn thing today...just blah, blahed all day long...tomorrow is gonna be different tho'...got a lot of fish to fry and too many in the pan...hope to get caught up by the end of the week if I'm lucky.


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I should be job hunting, working on practicing with VB.net.. um...updating the access DB...

I'm sure I'm forgetting something... :-O


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I should be in bed sleeping instead of being up and eating a bowl of cereal. I have a 5:15 wake up call to bring my daughter to her bus stop for alternative school.


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I should be working on lesson plans but I didnt have a good night's sleep so I am gonna skip it this morning.


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I should be driving a lamborghini

no nilhist, I should be driving that Lamborghini after counting winning lottery numbers..:lol:..Neither is going to happen so I drag my sorry arse down to shops..No brainer what I going to do


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Should enjoy "retirement work"-swimming and reading computers-alldeaf.com. Watch my username in 2 hours-latest in psychology.


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I should be dieting, but I am fixing a big meal. Celery sticks with blue cheese, orange juice., bow tie pasta, with a sauce of tomato, shallots, sweet pepper, and beef.

But it's vacation and there's a lot of us here. :P