What religion are you?

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I am a christian.. what about you guys? Please no bashings on others. Thanks!!!!


Following buddhism right now, should really put myself more into it though.


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Roman Catholic but I am collect different religous. Jevah Witness are most interesting I ever see. Oh no, I´m not faith to JW but only collect their experience. :fly:

I like read bible book, too.


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Accept Jesus in my heart. Therefore I do believe in God.

There is no specific religion for me to say.


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amen to what everyone say in here, I do believe God but don't believe in going to a 4 corner building to worship... My belief is within me...


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Hmmm...maybe my reply wasn't clear.

Born-again Christian, member of an independent Baptist church.
Saved as an individual, fellowshipping with other believers in a fundamental, Bible-believing and teaching local church (no hierarchy).


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your reply was clear to me!....

I was raise ' Christian ' but, I didn't follow in the right path, and didn't know much about Jesus/God, so I was born-again last June by Roadrunner .... :D


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I used to be a Baptist. Now, I don't follow any specific religion. The reason for this is because it doesn't really matter how I worship God. My parents say that if I don't pray, I will go to hell. They also say that if I don't go to church, I will go to hell. Well, I don't believe that crap. If God is who everyone says he is, then he will still look at me the same... regardless of whether I pray or not; whether I go to church or not. I'm still the same old me. :)
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