What kind of kid were you?


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Originally posted by ~*Whoa*~
in school i got alot of tease... everybody calls me different names... i always stay out of the any groups.. i being myself as a loner.... i also always stay in dorm room all the time like if i'm a hiding as a rat.... cuz i never have any friends in school cuz of insulting and tease get over me... i always stick to bathroom and crying almost everyday :-( poor me!!!!

Sheesh, Whoa... I never knew you were always in the bathroom crying almost every day.

I do know you were being teased a lot by many students at NCSD. BUT remember you are not the only one who often got teased. I was one of them who often got teased.

I'm still your friend and will always be no matter what. We grew up together since we were children, remember? I treasure my classmates' friendship.

I personally don't see you as a loner in high school. Maybe you were and I must have not noticed. You were always with a particular group that I didn't usually hang out with.

I don't remember teasing you or calling you names except one afternoon I recalled calling you "Bear's Claws" because or your fingernails. You were hurt by my insults and you were crying. That's the only one epsoide I recalled. I was only a young teenager who did not know better than that.
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As a child, I was never an :angel:. Always have been a :devil:.

I had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and it was a severe form. It was often uncontrollable.

All my life as a child, I had always been an extremely hyperactive kid. Irontically, I happened to be one of the smartest students at NCSD as well as in public schools.

I had a very difficult childhood. It first started when my biological parents were having martial problems and our small family became dysfunctional as the family cycle repeated. As a result, I was taken to live in a foster care home at the age of 2. Therefore, I grew up as a foster kid - almost was adopted by my primary foster parents.

I was also a very emotionally distracted kid. I often had many psychological and behavioral problems. I had to see a child psychologist on regular basis especially during my teen years.

I often was teased by some Deafies because of my poor eyesight and my thick (magnified) eyeglasses. They would call me "Frog's Eyes" or "Four-Eyes" or "Blind". Such teases died down when I was a sophomore. Afterwards, I gained respect from many NCSD students. I even got a lot of support from them when I was struggling with my progressive eyesight loss and went through 3 eye operations. I really appreciated the support I got from most NCSD students because it meant a lot to me.

I was also teased by hearing children because I'm Deaf and legally blind. They name-called me "Dumb Monkey". They got the retailation from me by calling them "Cheap Turtles".

Of course, I was also called a nerd, geek, or dweeb many times before as a kid because like I said I happened to be one of the smartest kids. I usually was a straight A student, depending on the time of the year. When it comes to my psychological problems or eyesight problems or repeated cycle of hyperactivity, my grades tended to lapse. However, I managed to regain excellent grades and aced every test.

I was not a true athletic kid, however, I loved to play sports. Especially basketball and watching Duke Blue Devils basketball games. The kids and I often would fight over Duke vs. UNC competition.

How did I dress as a kid? I was a tomboy who did not care much for girly clothes. My foster mother tried to get me to dress girly clothes, but I often threw them away. Sometimes I wore them to shut up my foster mother's ranting and raving. Fortunately, in high school, I finally had my ways whatever I wished to dress. I very much prefer wearing jeans/shorts and t-shirts. I had always wanted to wear men's basketball shoes, but my foster mother won't let me. So I finally got to wear them after I got out of high school.

I was once accused of being a transvestite! In fact, I was never a transvestite. I was far from being a lesbian or bisexual. It does not matter if I'm a tomboy and like to dress like boys would dress. I was also known to be one of the flirters in school. I managed to get dates whenever I wanted to. Unfortunately I ended up having a fruitless relationship with my ex-husband for 7 years on and off before our marriage that lasted only for 2 years. I guess I wanted a man in my life permanently. I was the type of kid who "wanted it all" like college degree, job, husband, family, etc. But as I went into my 20's, I began to mature. I finally put things in life together.

I was also known to be a bigheaded because I always bragged to a lot of people at NCSD how smart I was, how well I scored on all kinds of my tests, what I know, etc. I often "stole" my classmates' opportunities to raise their hands in order to answer the teacher's question or comment. I'm sure Whoa remembers that. :lol:

Earlier in this post, I have stated that I'm no angel. This is because I was always a troublemaker, despite my academic excellence. I had too many in-school, in-dormitory, and home suspenisions. By the time I was a senior, I was given a final warning if I added 2 days to in-school suspenisions, I will be expelled. So I decided to work out my problems and to try to go through my senior year without additional in-school suspensions. Yes, it was hard at first, but with support i got, I managed to make it through my senior year. Then I graduated from NCSD with honors and was ranked 2nd. Yes, I did say I was a salutatorian.

What troubles did I get in? Oh, all sorts of mischievous acts. I did anything I can get myself into trouble. Bullying was one of them. Not to mention by the time I was 11, I was a juvenile deliquent!

I know I've said quite a lot, but that's how my childood was. It's just that I went through a LOT of stages in my childhood life.

I'm now 26 and am a lot different from what I was as a child. However, people who know me still see some hints of my childhood. I am still the wild type, but tamer. I am still the intellectual, but more educated. I am still the devil, but more angelic. I guess people CAN and WILL change when it comes to age.

Am I popular? It's up to those who know me very well to decide. Some would say I am and some would say I am not. I really don't care what people think of my popularity. It's just that I was never involved in a particular clique like most people are. I'm somewhat a gregarious kid and still am a gregarious person. It depends on who is the person I'm talking to. If the person doesn't stoop up to my intelligence level, I'm more likely to ignore the person.

I used to be a religious fanatic as a teenager despite all the epsoides I went through. Today, I am no longer a religious fanatic, but am more liberal and flexible. I used to be very narrow minded years ago, but as of today I'm much more open-minded thanks to Gallaudet University and online Deaf forums.
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Originally posted by javapride
I was the outcast, always teased at..... cuz i have one blind eye and it looked like a marble so i was always teased for that... now i have a glass eye and no one teases me much anymore...

I can understand you perfectly. I was in the same boat as you were.

I do not have glass eye, but I used to wear a hard cornea lens. My right eye is totally blind and has different color shade from my left eye. My right eye is more like sky blue while my left eye is like midnight blue. My left eye is the only partially sighted eye. Anyway, I wore hard cornea lens in my right eye to match the color of my left eye.

Kids at my school would often tease me about that fake eyeball as most kids called it. Many girls caught me putting my hard cornea lens on every morning and they told a lot of students. So a lot of students came to me and asked me to pull it out and to put it on. So I did because I was a daredevil. As I performed the acts, they freaked out a lot of students.

When I had 3 eye operations during my sophomore year, I stopped wearing hard cornea lens because it was cumbersome putting it on and taking it off every day and night. So.....today, people can still see different shades of blues in both of my eyes. Like I give rats about it? I was born legally blind....so what?
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I used to have bad tantrums when I want something that I can't have from the time I was born to 7 yrs old. I was very angry kid from 13 to 17. Now, I am normal (good sometimes bad).


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always been a bookworm..taught myself to read when I was three. Always had my nose in a book. I remember my parents gave up on sending me to my room for punishment, as I didn't care......I'd just flop on my bed with a book and read.
I had mild Asperger's Syndrome growing up, so there was always that flavor of the month...New Kids On the Block, horses, muscials, etc.
I was a nerd in jr. high....I guess b/c I didn't really fit in anywhere. I was smart but not really driven the way a lot of the Honors kids were. However I did have a brain in my head unlike most of the sped kids in my school (I was the ONLY kid in my entire school with a classic disabilty as opposed to "Suburban Slacker "ADD" or those kids who will end up in trailer parks eating dog food!


Originally posted by SmellyFeet
what kind of kid was I?? Angelic....you could almost see the halo floating...hahahaha:naughty: :laugh2: :boink:

:naughty: Oh la la.. this chick is gonna snatch that halo off!! :laugh2: *winksa!* Let's see, what kind of kid was I back then? I sure didn't fit in any groups! I marched by my own beats and danced by my own music. I was always the first one to welcome new students to the school. If there was a physically-challenged student that needed assistance up the stairs, you'd see me helping him/her. I always read a book all the time and had a spare book with me in my backpack. You'd see me laughing out loud in class, not the simple giggle that chicks do, mine was the good belly laugh that people would smile at. Whenever I'd see a person frown, I'd say "That's not allowed!!" and that person would just giggle and smile! :D


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aww all about me.... all my life is nt easy...

baby to 13-- was so poor, an angel, teased by peepz

13 to 15-- dress up too baggy and wore boys pants and shoe and shirts have sister who in gangmember....
my sis gave me so hard time and school time gave me too hard time.... and dad gave me so hard time.. beat me up

my mom went hospital because she had stroke... and she cant sign language for 5 month and stay in hospital for 5 month.. we wentso so so so pooooooooooorrrrrrr cant afford ice cream or potato chips or taco bell... went to goodwill for some clothes and borrowed from my friend...

mom stopped work for some healthly reason...

i enter freshman... still teased and have few friend... they think i am bitch or poor or mexican must be poor or pretty idiot... called me so fat!!! reteard... many names.. i suffered for that long time.. and i took care of my mom.. for all the time i cant go to friend house for a night.. i must have to take care my mom and dad went work in night .. sister went college.. i have no job and i have to watch my mom ... it was so hell to take care of her....

in 10th.. start find some more friend and stop being teased and start called me lesbo.. i am nt lesbo .. i just have bunch friend of lesbo .. i cant help with it and they said i never have a boyfriend ohh taht is why u are lesbo.. i am nt lesbo i love dick than pussies...
start lose some weight and dressup right and girl not baggy anymore

senior.. it was hard year... my mom passed away.. i was so bitch and quiet havent do homework getting bad grades and depress... big time didnt know what i will do without her... i used got good grade and honor roll and i used to be val sal .. and in my last year i was failed.. somefriend dont undy how is my feel somehow i hit them or mad out control that they never see me in that way .. they thought me i am fucking sweet.. i am nt for this time that all .. i am nt easy girl that all .. anwyay i graduated with my mom watch me from heaven and i wore special angel necklace..... they thought i am close mind.. i am nt close mind i save my virgin for good .... i am sweet girl and wild in good way...have some sense of humor.. showing bunch of respect... that is me!... any question?