What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?


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SA-SB1000 puck under pillow. Phone (fully charged) in my PJ or casual pant pocket and shake band on ankle. Sometimes I put all 3 under my pillow or have band on my hand

I found it worked better under the mattress about where my shoulderblades are (or mid-lower back)


Agreed, under the pillow is best for external alarm pucks. You might consider using an Apple Watch. Can't say if it will be strong enough for you, but using the built-in App Alarm has worked great for me.


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I'm using the Sonic Alert SB200SS travel model and it works awesome. Very powerful shaker. I place it between the mattress and box that is roughly between my chest and head level. I don't need a big alarm clock hence why I got the travel model. Plus I can set 2 different alarms. I wanted to get one that also flashes my lamp but did not need to spend the extra on it.


What are alarm pucks? :)

This, but it has an alarm and it vibrates :p.

My favorite way of waking up is heat and light; this is the way our body has evolved to wake up. I had this realization from living out of a tent for almost half a year. Tents become a sauna/steam room if you sleep in a spot that doesn't have shade.

I use a Philips Hue with a dawn simulator app and a TP-Link Smart Plug which turns on a Delonghi mica-thermic heater to wake me up. This kind of heater heats up very fast, emits no light, doesn't need a fan to circulate heat, and can be safely mounted to a wall (the back of the heater should not get hot). It's not good for bigger rooms though, and it's not well suited to heat a room for long periods of time as it doesn't retain heat like an oil based heater does. It's typically used in bathrooms, but I find it works great for waking me up or just keeping a small area of my room warm temporarily. I lived in a room the size of a walk-in closet for a couple years recently which was when I bought this heater.

My apple watch is more like my "backup" alarm in case I decide to go back to bed, or my only alarm when traveling or spending the night at friends etc.

Mind you I'm still getting by with a generation 1 Phillips Hue, the only advantage to the 2nd and 3rd generations are that they work with SIRI and Alexa. So, if you don't use your voice it's not a feature you're going to care about. Still, I'd opt for the newer models for better software and app compatibility. I'm starting to notice scheduled alarms are often disappearing on mine. I bought the bridge by itself and one bulb to test it and see if it was something I was willing to invest in. The color bulbs are still $50 each, I've only bought one extra bulb since then. So expensive gah. I'm looking forward to more affordable bulbs that emulate the sun better, it really helps to synchronize the body to a healthy rhythm.

I'd like to replace my setup so that a massage or heating pad is the heating element, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. I have all my alarms scheduled, but I often change the times, it takes about a minute to change them all. Small price to pay compared to waking up to rude vibrations from that mean puck!

I penny pinch in a lot of ways, but when it comes to health and sleep, I am willing to shell out more dough.

The OP asked for shake awake alarms, I know these don't match that request, but it's food for thought. I found puck alarms to be unreliable, and sometimes I would forget about it when spending the night elsewhere. I pissed off neighbors in dorms a couple times. Hearing roommates are not happy about that. This is never a problem with a fitness tracker watch and works quite well for me.
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