What is the difficult you meet in your life?

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Are there any problems whiles you do sth like whiles you eating or running,… anything. I just wanna know and maybe think about to solve it hehe


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haha I just wanna know your difficulties to make sth can solve that, maybe haha
Well as a wife toa husband she can at times bring a difficulty to solve. Sometimes that is a difficulty. =)

"Does this pants fit?" if anyone who has ever been married knows its a dangerous question. A future of bread and water or a good dinner depends on what you say next to answer it.

Yes I think back to my marriage time and consider it at times to be a very difficult situation now and then when she brings in a problem or something that needs to be worked on. Sometimes the solution to it is reached and its settled to the joy of all. Sometimes not.

I remember one partiuclarly good payroll after 10 days. Something on the order of a thousand plus dollars net. She comes along and says we need about that much to get the work done on the house that needed it. Poof. Until next time.

Difficult times in trucking are turned into stories. I remember one dispatcher who abused me with words and said that where I was versus where I needed to be was only two inches apart on the USA wall map in his office. I told him thats it? Why arent you driving this thing then? *Silence* Never mind the -30, 65 gusts and 2 feet of wet snow packing into 10 foot drifts over ice that closed the interstate in wyoming that night. Denver would just have to wait a few days longer for their Yakima Washington Apples. They would not need to know that there were people upset over having two inches to go on a map.


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