What is Deaf Culture or it is just a myth?



Decreasing number of deaf individual attends to any deaf club...


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deaf town

there is a man who wants to build a deaf town! normally i would say cool and move there! BUT!!!!!! he want to build it in SOUTH DAKODA!!!WTF!?! :wtf:
he must be crazy! i mean the land he wants to use has no sewer line to water lines no nothing! he wants to start from scratch!! whoa! it will take a billion bucks and still be FUCKING COLD 5 MONTHS OF THE YEAR!!! :jaw:

there are goast towns all across america..that cuold be used ! i mean ai ask a senator from PA if a group of deaf people wanted to move to an abandoned town would he help give the property over to them? he said FUCK YES!
there are towns that once had a big factory ..to work in and then closed..so the people moved out.. the houses are still there.. the deaf people would just need to drive out to work..at least at first untill more local shops open. but even then 1/2 the people would need work out of town.
the SD plan is not close to a major city that could handle 10 ,000 deaf people.and another 15000 close by.

i would move to a deaf town and start a motorcycle shop......just as long as it is warm 9 months of the year. like pa or south of that.
if any one here is from SD...sorry but i am not going to freeze my ass off in 15 inch snow when i could me riding my bike in MD. :D


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coloravalanche said:
I think that Deaf Culture defines of socialize with one another. Our Culture is when deaf person goes over to another deaf person's home without calling first. If deaf person tries to knock the door or ring the door bell while other deaf person doesnt see the light door bell. Then deaf person tends to go inside and flip the lights on for attention.

Our Culture has doorbell light, phone light, vibration under bed for alarm, turn light on at night driving for chat, etc. Nothing to do with food.

Our Culture stays up late and not worry about time. We enjoys chatting forever and not worry about how late it is. We are very open minded about welcoming anyone to our home or reveal about ourselves.

As for hearing culture: They dont welcome anyone without phone first. They dont have many equipments like we have like: phone light, etc. They set their time limit for chat with their friends. Hearing tends to have right on time for anything. We, deafies, tend to postponing our times.

Hearing are not honest with their families/friends if they have short or long hair cut. They are polite to say nice words. We are not polite...we tell truth period! We are more of straightforward, not hearing people!

I could go on and on but Im sure you all know what Im trying to say. :)

You're kidding right?

All hearing people are always on time, devoid of spontaneity, "set time limit for chat with their friends"? LOLOL If you really believe that, it's because that is your experience with hearing people.

I have a coffee date with a coworker that's been postponed for a month now. Someone ought to tell her that she's hearing and should NOT postpone, and better be on time. (BTW, my boss would laugh her ass off if she heard that one...)

The things you mentioned are just personality differences, not cultural differences.

My friends and I have stayed up all night talking. My friend in Canada called me at 2 am last night...not unusual. When I got out with "the girls" we often shut the place down staying late.

And people drop by all the time unannounced. My soon to be MIL has a saying, "If you came to see me, come on in...if you came to see the house, call first."

Edited to add that I'm pretty offended at the idea that being Hearing = being immoral. I think I'm a VERY moral person. Morality, like the other things you mentioned, has NOTHING to do with a person's ability to hear. Good GRIEF.

Incidentally, there are EMOTICONS doing things on here that I wouldn't do. LOL

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Years later,the question remains is it a mith, I think deaf culture started as a preservation when AG Bell started his eugenics program and sense the end of inforced oralisem it has lost some of its importance, and just as one generation louse some of the previous generations traditions and develop new traditions, so goes deaf culture, there are of necessity many traditional quirks and habits of deaf culture that will remain, oh! And by the way there is a deaf church, and our art, poetry, jokes and stories are uneek to our way of thinking, our manners and mannerisms are uneek to our abilities and sensibilities, that makes it culture and would mr. husband ask if blind or amputee culture have there own quicean? After Gallaudet American culture welcomed us look at Martha's Vineyard where hearing and deaf were equal, everyone signed especially in public forms, but after Bell the world again turned against us :()