What is a polite way to get a deaf/hoh person's attention?


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We haven't yet had anyone attend our church with a hearing assistance dog but we used to have a member who attended every week, for several years, with a Seeing Eye dog. No one had any problem or complaint about that.

Honestly Pete, would it kill you to be a little less confrontational in your responses? You don't help the situation by saying, "What's it to you?" I don't expect you to kowtow to the hearies but attitude doesn't resolve much either.

BTW, truckers are very welcome at our church. One was visiting today, and our pastor spoke praises for truckers, and sympathy for the gas price situation for them. Our church can be seen from the interstate, so truckers can find us easily.


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Slap a deaf person!! :ugh2: Good IDEA! If you want to be slapped back! or worse get your ass kicked. :giggle:

Yeah. Most people flap their arms at me like they are getting ready for take off. A few just scream their heads off until they get my attention, which is usually drawn by an unusual red face beaming. Had some that were brave enough to just kindly tap my shoulders.

A surefire method to get their attention is to use a heated cattle prod on a deaf person. That'll get their attention. :giggle:


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i would suggest a tap on the shoulder or if the person is facing you wave you hand at them to try and get attention never never interupt there conversation bc i rem i was at deaf expo in nyc and i was chatting wtih someone new i never met before and some young girl walk right into our convo and we were MAD! hope this helps.


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how to get my attention? just holla at my name and i'll turn and look at.

unless there is girls gone wild, thats different story. LOL.


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A flamethrower sounds good enough to get one's attention... :lol: Just kidding. :lol:

Seriously, I don't want anyone tapping on my shoulder - touching my arm gently or wave/nod in my face (not too close) would be fine. I don't mind if one shouted "hey!" to get my attention. I find it very annoying when one banging on something to get my attention.


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Lol! You're out of your mind, if someone did that to me, I'll be furious.
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how about an air horn? surely if we make enough noise you'll snap out of your deafness and hear us?


I know this thread is 'old' but I just had to say that I don't find any humor in this picture/post. I find it demeaning and very insulting. :mad2:


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my family just tap me on the shoulder i know who is it by the way they are tapping i dunno how but i do i am always right!!,sometimes when my four year old Cousin Esme is being Lazy and wants my attieon she will normaly throw something at me!!!



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we holler like "HOOOT" or stomping floor. Sometime I drop heavy object make a floor shaking thump. (do that at home, not in public place). Other time I just throw object at my wife's or my friend's "eyeshot" to get attention.

At my work, I instructed my co worker to shoot me rubberbands to get me attention or throw stuff within my eyeshot or tap my shoulder. I even told them to do a "buddy" system to get me in case If I was walking away and one of coworker holler for me, tell other co worker who are close to where I am to grab or stop me :lol:

To get an attention:

Buddy system

Flashing lights

Shoot rubber band

Slam door

throw objects to their eyeshot, not on body

Thump the floor

drop something heavy on floor (That gets attention big time)

camera strobe or strobe (Either Xeon lamp or Superbrigt LED)

Tap shoulder (gently, not hard!!!)

Grab shoulder gently

Wave hands

Act like you saw something spooky, walk toward something that you saw a "ghost". Everyone looking at you and at the wall, You turn to them and smile and tell them I'm getting your attention. (done that :rofl: That give everyone chill on their spine for nothing :rofl:)

Bang table (not hard but just bang)

Shake table or chair

Roll something to their eyeshot

Ect.. to get them attention without hurting them

Don't need to be drastic.

That's all I can think of



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THIS right here. The chief Deaf person in my life *REALLY* hates being touched, especially when she did not intitate it. Even tapping on something she is sitting on would be a bad idea. So I pretty much always, always, always default to handwaving or tapping a desk or table if we are sitting at one. Lights or stomping on the floor is something I'd only do during a fire drill or something.

I'm the same way as your deaf friend. There are times when I think deaf sharpen their elbows so they can poke my ribs as hard as they can.

I remember how years ago friends expermented with me by touching me all over and they were amazed at how sensitive my sense of touch is. Anything other than a light tap is painful for me.