What is a polite way to get a deaf/hoh person's attention?


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When I finally figured out what "starkers" meant, I snorted coffee through my nose, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Forget the Depends, get Chase a bib, feeder (whatever you guys call it), quick smart

should have realised starkers was a "down under" word.


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August ... yes, I was talking about you and do you mind if we call you 'Gus' for short? :)

Starkers mean full nudity! .... (rudey nudey) :laugh2:


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seriously though, an air horn would actually work. you may not hear it but you'll probably notice your hat blowing off your head and your cheeks folding back from the hurricane-force winds generated from the air horn.


all the hearies in the room will have shit their pants.

Man, oh man! You would definitely be one hell of a salesperson! I want to know if you are the type that demonstrates the products. Before you sell.

curious how the pitch would go if you actually tried it!


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Gus ... apparently it's a common thing to do with the name of August by shortening to Gus. Whether it's your name or not, I think a lot of us shorten names to abbreviations, initials, or adding a 'y' or 'ie' to the ends of names ... it's just easier and has been a popular way to do for years! :)


i wish my name were August. my real name sucks.

August is badass as hell. but if my name were August, i would protest to being nicknamed Gus. i'd hate for my name to change from a Roman imperialish name to something you'd call your local plumber (who, i might add, has a beer belly, a foul mouth and a thick New York accent)


call me Gus, will you?

*becomes unreasonably enraged*

*tears pants off in anger*

*clenches jaw, breaks front teeth*

*looks for shotgun*


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Well, I'm the one who first used "Gus." Around here it's a friendly nickname for both "August" and "Augusta," but I apologize and will use the young person's full screen name, as it seems to have provoked the impolite rants.

I'm also guilty of leading this thread astray. Back on topic:

Recently I again experienced the way not to get a deaf person's attention.

I'm constantly looking behind me. It's a safety thing for deafies, because we can't hear catastrophe coming at us -- a vicious animal on the loose, an out-of-control car, an avalanche. I've taken Tae Kwon Do which teaches to look behind, and I help instruct a personal protection course instilling the same thing.

So the other day I looked back to see the postman whistling at me and noticed the smug look of satisfaction because I had "heard" him. I walked back to him to inform him:

a. all of the above reasons to look back.

b. at my age I find being whistled at like a dog (or shouted at like the coast guard hailing a smuggler or stamped at like an upset ewe) quite offensive.

c. he should wipe the smug look off his face for discovering "the so-called deaf guy is faking," because I can furnish his postmaster with my audiologist's lastest zero findings along with my compalint for harassment.

He did apologize, so one hearie down -- 2,999,999 to go. Tap us, wave, flick the lights, but don't be so stupid and impolite to embarrass us by trying to prove we can hear.