What has happened to all the ad members? :(


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Im around. I just dont post on here much at all. Usually, I am busy with my grand daughter or just life in general. Good to see ya still here Cappy and Reba and others that I know.


Audist are not welcome
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I am still around. I have been so busy with being involved with activism with fighting for people's rights like going to town halls, marches, and etc. Also, still teaching, being involved with my family and friends, and mostly browse through FB, Twitter, and IG. Need an AD app because I dont use the computer much anymore. I use my phone and the AD website on my phone is hard to navigate. Hope all is doing well.


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I'm sorry that your family is experiencing all that.

Thanks. My stepbrother in law's house was filled with mud and mold now. He and his family have been busy cleaning it up. Their pool has to be sanitized thoroughly! It is so green and nasty. My sister in law's house is saved.

My mother in law's sister and her family chose to stay and ride out Irma in Florida because they have way too many animals. They live about 30 miles north of Fort Myers. They're fine. No damages. Thank goodness.

My 2 years old son is having hard time dealing with transition at his school. I hope he will improve over the time. Time for him to learn to interact with kids, because he has no siblings.

My stepsister in law convinced me to watch Hell's Kitchen All Stars Edition to root for her brother in law. I will have to catch up. Since my son goes to school, it is time for me to go back to my work. It feels very weird. I probably will post much less for now.


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Hi, everyone! I am alive and kicking. I spent a lot of times on Facebook and 7 games on Facebook. I could not get enough of them. Also I have health issues. I am back home 4 years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico from Ontario, Canada. My husband passed away 5 years ago (2012). I had difficult with my budget to stay in my home (Ontario). I have a sister in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have a 40 years old son who live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have 4 grandchildren (3 granddaughters and 1 grandson). Right now, I am looking for Senior apartment here in Santa Fe. I hope I will get it soon. I might or try to pop in on AllDeaf to see what is going with old and new members. I have gone into few of indigenous websites to protest for Native rights so I am busy there, too. Happy October month today.


I sometimes get on here when I have free time. I do get busy with school that I am studying to be a photography and a mother to 3 years old princess.


I don't have as near as many posts as others but I have been raising my daughter and setting up my law practice, I have not even really blinked an eye much for these forums. I do the occasional yearly reading if that counts. I know the forum has lost several members in my absence. I am sorry to hear that.

The hurricane forced me to have to resettle back in North Texas so just trying to get everything resettled and so forth has been exhausting. I have been working on my ASL in some spare times - to work with my clients and for my own use. I can have some basic conversations and about a year ago I started attending some Deaf events in Houston.

If anything, I learned a lot more about the Deaf Community and I have made few friendships along the way. I may never fully understand culturally Deaf but I have learned a lot and I hope that makes a difference.
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