What do you do for living?


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What does a psychiatric tech do?
I work with developmentally disabled individuals by helping them get through their day and making sure that their medical needs are addressed and monitored. I mostly work with the extremely medically fragile clientele but also interact with higher functioning as well.
Back at work going to get intesting I work nights but I’m getting programed on the 7 8 9 all day I’m going to work all night. It been challenging but only had to switch 1 job And a lot positive now if I could translate that into off time


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Graphic design


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I'm retired; however, I write mystery novels. My first novel entitled Deaf Takes a Holiday sold a few copies a month for the first year. In the meantime, I'm working on the sequel, 'Til Deaf Us Do Part.


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I work in support services.. working with deaf clients who have other disabilities as well.. been full time for a few years now so..