What can we do?

Nita Thomas

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Given most insurance plans either do not cover hearing aids for both ears or even have a partial coverage whereas insurance may offer a set fee towards a hearing aid, what can we do to change this? In the US Vocational Rehabilitation will only cover hearing aids if you have a full time job. If you are receiving Medicaid benefits you may be eligible, but many of us do not fit into those tiny envelopes to get the help we need. Approximately 1 of every 10 of us have hearing problems of some sort.

Is it really wrong to accept our hearing loss as normal when then world insists that we adapt to their standards? Must we always do the changing or adapting?

So how can we make our needs known so changes occur?
It sounds like more than one struggle is happening here and I'm sorry to see it. I'll try to help in the way I can; have you heard of the Starky Program? An audiologist must fill out the paperwork for the referral. It's a program that lets audiology students make the moldings for hearing aids. Same great devices made by students. I think it was approx $250 a piece ($500 in total) for the hearing aids.

If you don't want hearing aids, that's ok. Claim your space, the hearing world can like it or lump it. There is nothing wrong with not just accepting but embracing deafness.

Hope this helps. Take care