What are your remote (work from home) job experience?


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I have been searching for remote jobs for a while, and I'm very curious about your experience if you have remote job. What does it look like, and what's your job title (if you don't want to say it, you don't have to). I noticed a lot of remote jobs involved calls center, and I know there's technology maybe for it but I'm saying i know the technology changed a lot.


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Personally, I have loved working from home. It's not for everyone, being a self-starter is important. Being able to structure your own day and stick to it.
I work in the Mental Health field as a Care Coordinator. There are many job for call centers and relay techs.
I hope you find a job you like and find the work life balance we all need for ourselves.

Good luck!


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When I started working from home, it was hard for me to self-organize at first. But later, I got used to it and saw the benefits. I can easily combine work and personal life, I just forward sms to slack to stay in touch with my coworkers and an employer. This is a great possibility for me to spend more time with my kids.